Thursday, July 18, 2013

Afternoon friends. I hope you are having a great afternoon. Things are pretty quiet around here still.. :)  I don't really feel like getting into all the details but last night.. and the night before were full of drama and problems. AGAIN. Last night Scott and I finally feel good.. we are talking and then the kids hit us again with a problem that knocks us out of our socks. I seriously think we ( husby and I ) are close to have a nervous breakdown. I seriously don't know what the hell is going on around here. Scott and I get our first calm and easy day in a long time...and then the kids go crazy..and the ex's start calling. Yea. Not so fun. Then to make matters even more interesting.. my phone dies....and my mom can't get a hold of me. By this point, the kids are in trouble.. I took all the electronics and phones away from them. So she's calling Brittany and cant get her. Then checks facebook and such.. no activity there.. so she sends me a message that says - You have 15 minutes to call me or I'm calling the police! - WHAT!?? Thankfully I signed on to facebook right after she sent that message and called right away. I was just hoping that I was in the time constraints! She giggled when I called and said " You know I have a wild imagination " and I couldn't get a hold of anyone. Thank goodness I made it in time or police officers would have been knocking at the door last night. 

And then we got some insane weather last night too. Check out these pictures of a tree up lifted. 

I thought we were going to loose our electricity last night but we didn't.  It flickered on and off for a while but it actually stayed on for us. I worked on laundry all night and finally collapsed in bed much later than I should have. Today I have a lot to do and then we are heading off to the YMCA this evening. Scott and I are just hoping that today is the day that it will actually be calm. Fingers crossed. This summer has wore us all out emotionally. I'm not just talking about Scott and I either. The kids too. I think we all need the break of the school year to help focus us on something different and give us a fresh start. God knows we need it. 

Anyway, I miss you guys! I haven't been able to blog that much with everything that has been going on.. but I will try to catch up with you guys more in the coming days! I hope you have a great Thursday! 


K Jaggers
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  1. Good to hear that things could bee getting better! Don't you just love it when the kids through you a curly one? They know how to press those buttons , but then that's kids just keeping us on our toes...:) you take care and here's to better times!


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