Thunder & Rain = NO INTERNET!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

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Very late night hello to you all. Right now I am writing/typing this on Word waiting for the internet to start working again. We had some really bad storms that knocked out power for a bit and the internet is still out. Thankfully we still have tv but its frustrating not being able to get online! When this post does go live, it will be from handy dandy copy & paste! Things around here tonight were pretty good. The kids and I met Scott at the pool in the evening. I didn't do a bunch of laps..instead, I took it easy in the hot tub for a long while and then just played with the kids. It was a easy time but it was still exercise of sorts. Towards the end of swimming, the pool was closed due to lightening. We drove through really bad weather trying to get home.. and I had to make a quick stop at the grocery store. I don’t know what it is about shopping but EVERY TIME I have went, its poured down on me. We get an insane amount of rain around here. I would have never guessed but we are in an area that it rains almost every day. I’m not complaining because I do love the rain but it hasn't really even felt like summer around here. Its not that hot and its been more like late spring weather. Funny, we are only a few hours from where we just moved from and the weather was nothing like this. So far, I am slowly learning my way around our new town. I still haven’t ventured a lot away from home but we are trying to get use to to things. I don’t mind being here. I hated Shelby NC and was happy happy to move.. so I am hoping to continue to like it here! I don’t get out to do much to begin with but I am starting to explore around. 

Tomorrow I have a – littervention- review, contest, and giveaway for all you kitty cat owners! I am super excited to tell you about it and I hope you take the time to enter both the giveaways.. Be sure to come back and check out all the details in the video and bloggy post! I have been working hard on videos.. and have many ready to publish! My goal is 1 a day.. which isn’t impossible. The days we don’t go to the pool, I take time to film. It’s not easy to find a quiet place when the kids are in the house! But I keep trying! Honestly, my schedule is kinda insaine right now. I wake up at whatever time, take about an hour to myself to watch the news, feed the animals, and enjoy coffee.. then I get up, work around the house, along with my “ normal “ blog posts.. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I leave in the early evenings to go swimming.. Then on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday I work on videos and housework.. and in the nights I work on laundry. For the first time ever our washer and dryer is on the second floor. I find myself working on laundry at night when I come upstairs to get ready for bed. Not to mention, I play with the kids, walk the dog, cook dinner.. I always seem to be busy doing something. Maybe that’s why I like my peaceful mornings! 

Yea! Its 2:48 and its back to working! That wasn't so bad! With all this rain, I should know where the emergency candles are but they are still packed sitting out in the garage. Not so handy.Well I am going to get some rest so I can have another busy day at home tomorrow! I hope you all had a great Wednesday and an even better Thursday! 


K Jaggers

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  1. Well kish it is nice to keep yourself active and yes it is important to have time for yourself....isn't it funny how when we have one thing we want another and vis always interesting would you realy wan it any other way?...take care and looking forward to seeing more...did I say I realy enjoy your blog...great work......


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