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Sunday, July 7, 2013

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Afternoon! I hope you all are having a lovely Sunday! Not much is going on around here so far. We are all in our pjs still lounging around the house. Gotta admit, I love Sunday's. No hurrying to do anything. I am sure the kids want to go to the pool but if that happens, it will be a bit later. It might be a good idea to get them swimming so we can get all that pinned up energy out of them. This time last week, I was going through one of the worst times of my life. I am not joking. It was awful. I didn't know how we would make it to the next day let alone the next week. This week has still been pretty hard but we did make it a full week without to much drama. It hasn't been easy though. We are still all on edge and I don't really believe anyone in my house right now but one day at a time. I'm kinda shocked we made it a week. It just goes to show you that life goes on rather you want it to or not. Maybe this upcoming week will be a little better. I am not asking for life to be all happy again.. I am just hoping it starts to improve, and to not worry about things so much. I even prayed before I ever got out of the bed today. Lets hope they went higher up than the ceiling! 

Have a wonderful Sunday! 

K Jaggers
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