Sunday Confessions

Sunday, July 21, 2013

I am linking up today with Alex over at Every Day is a New Adventure for Sunday Confessions! I  Hope you enjoy!

I confess...

* Brittany and I had the house to ourselves this Friday and Saturday. And I didn't really mind. I loved having a quiet house.

* I hate the ex's. I really do. Scott's ex wife is offering up her bed for him to nap in.. YEA RIGHT.. and my ex is like another one of the kids but with a bigger mouth.  I would like strap parachutes on both and throw them out of plane maybe in South Africa or something. I don't know what either of us were thinking at that point in our lives but I totally confess that I am sick of them.

* That I spent Friday night in the ER. Its sucked but I am so thankful for the help of the nurses and Dr. More about that coming up later.

* that I am totally happy that summer is almost over. This has been the summer of hell and I just don't want it anymore. I am tired of all the summer drama. We are seriously considering letting next summer only being  a couple of weeks long instead of a couple of months long.

* That with our summer problems, we have put our family and friends through hell. I have the best mom, sister in law and friends any girl could ask for. When I was checking into the hospital, it wasn't my husband standing beside of me.. nope. it was my best friend on the phone. I couldn't be more thankful for them. I just hope that I can some day repay the favors and love they have shown me.

* I confess I am sick to death waiting on this Royal Baby to be born. I have been dying to know if its a boy or girl and the name. Guess the " Waity Katie " syndrome is carrying on to the baby. Perfect.

* In hearing about that lady at 6 flags plunging to her death from that roller coaster is exactly why I refuse to ride on them. I doubt that I will ever allow my kids on one ever again. Its just too scary to think about.

* that I am leaving today. I just want out of this house so Brittany and I are going to do some swimming and shopping.

Hope you have a great Sunday!


K Jaggers
4 comments on "Sunday Confessions"
  1. I refuse to ride roller coasters, and this is why! :O Stopping by from the linkup!

  2. I hate ex's too. I'm sick of hearing about the Royal Baby. Sick of Trayvon crap, too. Sick of summers in Arkansas. My daughter was flung off the swings at a local fair here several years ago. (at the fault of the carny workers) so we hate fairs, amuzement parks, the rides. She won't even let her children ride much of anything at all. I hate that this happened, but I guarantee you .... if I didn't think I was latched in very well, I would be getting off in a really big hurry. But my prayers go out to the family. I can't imagine what it was like for them.

    found you in the link up!
    and I love your confessions.

  3. I think it's very generous of you to even think about giving them parachutes, personally.

    How late is the royal baby now? I haven't really been following that too closely.

  4. I'm so sorry your summer has been chaotic and not so great! Hoping for you that your luck and good fortune turns around soon.

    Stopping by from the link-up!


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