#MonopolyUnleashed [ Cat vs Dog ]

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hi everyone! I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you about Houseparty.com Its really simple, you sign up.. then you apply to have a little or big house party featuring the products they send you. You have to invite at least 11 friends via email.. and then have your party. I think its so cool.. and I recently got signed up and applied to host the Monopoly party! I can't believe I got accepted! It will be mostly the kids and I am going to give coupons out on here if you want one! So I am totally excited! You have to do a blog post along with uploading some pictures using their hashtags.. If your a blogger or youtuber.. these party's can be so fun! 

So here is more about the party I am hosting! 

Here is what my party pack is going to include.. 

1 MONOPOLY Millionaire DEAL Card Game
1 MONOPOLY branded pet bowl
2 MONOPOLY key chains
15 Coupons to save $3 on Classic MONOPOLY or MONOPOLY Empires
20 MONOPOLY tattoos
1 Pack of MONOPOLY branded cups
1 Animal Planet flyer

And this is the new Monopoly has the CAT!!!!! OMG.. Do you guys know how bad I want this!? I will do a video and show you all the items and the new games! But its Cat vs Dog.. which one do you think will win! We breed cats.. Yea.. the cat is going to win!!! I know it! :)

You guys really should sign up for this.. its really cool. This is my first party, and I am loving it! 

Again hop over here and learn more about it! And I will have a big post and video coming up. Also I am never ever going to share this piece! EVER! :)

And this party is on Aug 10

K Jaggers
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