Saturday, July 6, 2013
Hello and happy Saturday to you all! I am really getting a late start to the day. Actually both kids and I are all having a late start. I kinda feel bad that its afternoon and I am enjoying my first cup of coffee. I am not in a hurry at all to do anything today. I seriously could go back to sleep right now but there is no sense in that. I don't have many plans today except picking up the house. I thought about going to the pool but I think I am skipping it and going tomorrow instead. Speaking of the pool...I was exhausted last night after doing all those laps that I just came home and laid around the rest of the night. I got a little grumpy with Scott which he didn't appreciate but I was just tired. It took a long time to decompress and fall asleep. I think I was up till close to 6am. I really am ready for summer to be over. It has been awful this year and I need a break. Actually my girlfriends and myself are trying to figure out when we can take a girls retreat soon. I am thinking sooner would be better! I totally need a vacation. 

Time for a coffee refill and hopefully some motivation. 

I have some videos coming up today and tomorrow.. so stay tuned! 


K Jaggers

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  1. Well. No matter lip late or early. You have your self a good day!!


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