HUGE .20 Cent CVS HAUL! { Video and Pictures }

Thursday, July 25, 2013
 I have been a fan of CVS for a very long time now. Their rewards program is the best of all the drugstores. Most of the summer has been shopping free because we just made a big expensive move, we have lots of bills, and the kids have been sucking the money out of us. Sooooo.. I have stayed out of the store for the most part for 2 months now. Well when we went the other night to get my prescriptions I got a ton of extra care I had a bunch saved up here at home. And then before I went shopping, I got on the hunt for make up coupons. Brittany thought I was nuts with all the coupons but hey.. it worked great and I paid a total of $.20 cents for EVERYTHING! I loved it!  Here's the video of what I picked out!

Hope you enjoy! 

Ok.. So I would have got it all for free but I added 4 cokes and it put me over by $.20....which I didn't mind paying at all! 

I had free coupons for the Purina Kitten Chow and the rest was bought with coupons that I clipped, printed and even printed out at the store while I was there. 

Here's the makeup I got. 

I decided to try out these Neutrogena Crease Proof Eye Shadow Sticks. The one on the left #30 Perfect Pink and the one on the right is #10 Stay Golden

I must have been in an eye liner mood and got this 

Maybelline Master Smokey Pencil in #001 Black Smoke 

and I got this felt tip liner by Covergirl too. 

This one is in #230 Black Ink.. can't wait to try both of the liners 

I also got a coupon at the store for #3 off any Revlon eye or lip product 

So I picked this $5 shadow in #110 Starry Pink. How pretty is that? 

And then I saw these Maybelline Color Tattoos Loose Pigments.. so I decided to try out two of these.. I don't know what is going on with the pink but clearly I was in a mood! 

The one on the left is # 55 Barely Brazen and the one on the right is #20 Pink Reel. I had coupons for these too. And they are close in color to the shadow sticks I got from Neutrogena.

I was also excited to get one of the 

Maybelline Fit me Foundation Sticks.. which are NEW!  I love this line! 

I had a sample of this come in and I really liked it so I took the coupon with me that came with the sample.. 

And got the Loreal Youth Code Dark Spot Correcting and Illuminating Serum. 

Then I played around in the Wet n Wild area for a bit. I picked out.. 

Bronzer in #739 Ticket to Brazil to test out.. 

Along with this blush in 

#833E Mellow Wine. I just thought it was pretty. 

And then I picked out this lip liner in 

Brandy Wine. 

and last but least I took this time to show you guys the mascara my sister in law sent me to test out. And I will get those pictures up soon too! 

Have you tried any of these products!? Let me know what you think about them! 


K Jaggers

Ohh and the Cokes are on sale this week at CVS for .88 each! Go pick some up because thats a great deal!

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