Happy Saturday!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a great Saturday afternoon. Its been raining here all day long. So last night things were pretty nice around here. Scott and I had a good day and then we took off to the YMCA with Brittany and swam for a while. Then when I came home, I got busy making a very fast pork chop dinner. I had a headache from all chlorine and ended up dozing off on the couch. I then made my way upstairs and dozed off again with Scott...which was short lived. I knew today I had to pack up Brittany to head back to her dads tomorrow... so I got up and tossed laundry around and then crawled right back in bed and went to sleep. Yesterday was much better compared to other days. God knows I needed that. My best friend keeps telling me on bad days.. just get to tomorrow and it will be better. A lot of times I thought she was full of shit.. but she wasn't. A new day brings a new outlook and a new chance to get things right. 

vacation thumbl - Hľadať v GoogleToday is going to be a little sad because I am packing my daughter up to head to her dads for the school year. And I am sure he is doing the same for Jackson to come back here. So its going to be a busy day. And we are getting up about 7am tomorrow to leave and switch out the kids in Tennessee. Its going to be wayyyyy too early for all of us. Its also going to be a sad yet happy day too. Brittany is going to be really sad.. as is Jackson but I am happy to get my little boy back in my arms. The decision to split up the kids didn't come easy. But they were fighting all the time.. their grades were dropping and it was becoming a lot to deal with for both me and my ex husband. So Brittany stays with him and Jackson stays with me. Its worked out pretty well so far. Last year Jackson made A's & B's and did Brittany.. well, she got a C in math but both kids seem to be better with living apart. I am sure some where around Christmas we will all meet up again. Its not easy but it seems to be the right decision. :(

So today is going to be packing her up and making sure Jacksons bedroom is cleaned up and ready for him. He is a little germaphobe and has requested really clean sheets..and a very clean bedroom. You guys have no idea.. he basically questioned me from top to bottom about who has sat or slept in his bed.. if his toys have been wiped off...yea.. so today is going to be pretty busy around here. I am thinking Brittany and I might go out for a quick late lunch later but besides that.. its going to be a day at home getting the kids ready for the exchange. Scott likes to call it " The Prisoner Exchange! " Anyway, I will be back later. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Time to get busy around here. 


K Jaggers
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  1. AnonymousJuly 27, 2013

    Sorry you have to miss your kids like that. You are good mom to put their health and welfare first. :)


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