Friday Letters

Friday, July 12, 2013

Dear Summer, I will be so happy to say goodbye to you. I don’t know how you got so bad so quick. I honestly had much higher expectations than what we got. I won’t be sad to see you go.

Dear God, I think you might be having too much fun up there with the puppet strings. Pleases steer me in the right direction because I don't know how much more I can handle.

Dear Romeo, One day the girls are going to team up and beat your ass! You are still the coolest cat in the house but you have got to calm down.

Dear George Zimmerman, With what I saw day by day, I think you will probably walk free. I don't really know how I feel about it but my heart breaks for the Martin family.

Dear Jackson, Have I told you lately how much I miss you? I just want a big hug and lots of kisses. I hope you are having a great time at your dads but come home soon!

Dear Scott, No matter how upset I get at you.. nothing changes the fact that I love you with all my heart. I hate that times have been hard. One day we will look back and say - 2013 sucked.. and it was a hard year for our marriage but we got through it, together. - I have faith that we will be ok no matter what happens.

Dear Bedroom, I am going to have to move you around more. The bed is totally in the wrong spot. Maybe later tonight I can get it moved around. Is it wrong that I love having my own room? If your wondering what I am talking about.. you can check out this video!

Dear Zane, I will miss you when you go back to your moms. I know Brittany picks on you but its only because you are not getting into trouble like she is! Hang in there.. and remember that you are going to have to keep more in touch during the school year! Remember, if I get you a smart phone, you are going to have to call more!

Dear Car, After your tune-up, you seem to be running so much better.

Dear Mom, Your little mini vacations making me jealous! You have no idea how close I am to leaving them all and coming for my own little vacation! I love you mom!

Dear Ex, you are seriously going to have to start living off child support and stop asking for more money every chance you get. You get $600 a month for one child.. that should be enough. We didn't make your choices and your life is your own....figure it out.

Dear Shanna, I hope you are feeling better. I love you and wish we lived closer to each other!

Dear Brittany, I don't know how many times I have to explain that pretty is as pretty does. I am sorry that I expect more out of you..but you have this big life ahead of you. No one in your family is going to let you go too far off the path. I really hope you start to understand that right now, you should be focused on school and not your social life.

Dear Trina, I miss you too! If I lived closer, I would start selling that Avon! Ha! Thanks for always being there for us. We love you very much.

Dear Jordan, You let another week pass. How long will you let others influence you? Your missed and loved.

Dear Laci, What a great opportunity you have! I am excited that you are getting to spend a year in Ireland! It should be a wonderful experience. I still think you should vlog your way through it!

Dear Bloggy Friends, I love you guys. I mean that too. I feel so lucky to have such a great group of friends. And each day someone new comes along, says hi and a new friendship starts. Its wonderful. Blogging is such an amazing forum to do so many things with. I wish more people would try it! If you are a kitty cat lover/owner check out the giveaway we have going on right now with Tidy Cats. Just click here to get to the blog post and video! 

Have a wonderful Friday! 


K  Jaggers

4 comments on "Friday Letters"
  1. Great blog as have a great Friday and a fantastic weekend.......

    1. Thanks so much! Have yourself a wonderful weekend too!

  2. Love your letters, such a creative idea. Please send some of that summer my way. Oh, and make sure the bed's not facing north!

    1. That's too funny because I always make sure the bed is not facing north! And I never have my bed in line with the door. It hasn't been that hot of a summer for us here. I think we found the only area in South Carolina that is like a tropical rain forest! Hope you have a great day!


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