Friday Letters

Friday, July 5, 2013

Dear Self, I know you are completely a mess right now. Try to remember to take it easy on yourself. All you can do is keep trying and move on to the next day. Keep praying and everything will be ok. Dear Scott, Here we are...who would have guessed things would be so hard. We were suppose to be happy with the move and we have had nothing but problems. I really wish someone would tell me the past week was just a nightmare and that its ok to wake up. I seriously think if we can get through this, we can get through anything. Dear Mom, I am so thankful for all your love and support. You mean the world to me. Thank you for helping get to the bottom of things. Dear Zane, Gosh.. summer has been kinda disappointing huh? I sure you you don't just next summer by this summer. I promise it will be better. Dear Shanna, You are amazing and I have really really appreciated all your love, advice and giggles this past week. Your one of the most important people in my support system and I love you very much. Dear Jackson, I miss you.. I miss you. I miss you. Come home. Dear 4th of July, You sucked ass with all the rain. Thanks. Dear Brittany, I don't know what to say. I love you very much and I hope that next summer is better for you too. I am tired of the lies and online bullshit. I am going to end up smashing your phone and laptop so please just calm it down. Dear Trina, Thank you for listening Sunday morning before reacting. I love you and I appreciate everything you do for all of us. I'm sorry for having to call you about our problems. I just needed to get your thoughts on it all. Dear Sleep, where did you go? This week I slept a lot and still woke up exhausted. What's up with that? Dear New Phone, You are working pretty good so far....but I saw the new waterproof Galaxy... and I am getting it as soon as possible. Dear Jordan, I know its you. I have known for a long while and choose to not say anything. Maybe its time you pick up the phone and call instead of doing what have been. I love you. I want to talk to you...You don't have to do such bad things to get my attention. You have always had my attention...I've just been waiting on you... what are you waiting on? More years to pass? You can change it all with a phone call. Dear Alyce, I know you feel my pain with what's been going on around here. I am so glad you are around again. I have totally missed you and have almost felt - lost - not being able to talk to you. NEVER LOOSE CONTACT AGAIN! Dear Bitch @ the pool, You are seriously lucky that I didn't drown you in the pool. You were rude and entitled and I almost lost my temper. I really hope we don't run into each other again. Dear Kitty Cats, Sorry about the fireworks scaring you to death. Its over now...go back to your lazy selfs! Dear Bloggy Friends, Thank you guys for coming back and sharing our lives each day. I can't even express how you guys have touched our lives around here. And if you are new friend, take a second and say hello! Don't forget to leave me a link to your blog so I can come check out your corner of the world! I hope you all had a great 4th of July! 


K Jaggers
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  1. Dear kisha, I'm not new but am to you blog and YT just want to say keep your chin has a way of disappointing us in some way or another...they call them my girl are learning just as your kids are...but no matter what we just have to love them the best way we can! ....keep doing what you will keep you grounded! take care of you......I have raise 2 boy and I would rather raise 100 boys than one girl they are so different these days but stand firm your her mother and she need you for that and will thank you as she gets older.......:) good luck ...looking forward to more

    Life is one big surprise after another huh? I'm new here and not quite sure what's going on-but hope it gets better. Kelly


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