Friday Letters * Blunt Bitch Alert *

Friday, July 19, 2013

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* Read with caution because I am being a blunt bitch today. sorry if your offended in any way. *

Dear God, Seriously.. How much more are you going to put on us around here? I know I am suppose to hold on to my faith more when things are hard but its more than really hard right now. I really wish the lessons would stop. I am about to have a nervous breakdown. Please bring us to the a better day.

Dear Family, I am so tired of running around here like an undercover CIA looking through phones, emails, and you know what? I am about to change this blog to the Pinocchio Family. I really want the Jaggers Family book secrets and I want the bullshit to end. 

Dear Zane, I am going to miss you. I am sorry this summer was a mess. I hope you have a great year in school. But remember the stop ease dropping and always tell the truth. 

Dear Car, it sucks that you have a big dent in the bumper. Perfect right.. I will get you fixed as soon as I can. Add it to the list. 

Dear Kevin, ( In Louisiana ) You better think twice before yelling at my husband. If you think for a second that anyone in this house cares about what you think.. your wrong. None of us is perfect, but over reacting doesn't help anyone. Its been hard enough.. we don't need your shit too. And let me just say.. we send her $600 in child support for one child. STOP BEGGING FOR MONEY. Its tasteless... and you need to live on what we send. END OF STORY. And don't get me started on it because I know the money we send goes towards all the other kids. Zane is still wearing clothes from 2 summers ago. Sounds pretty bad when that way doesn't it? Its almost funny you calling to bitch...thankfully I didn't get on the phone. I'm much worse than Scott when it comes to someone attacking my family.

Dear Walmart Hair Stylist, One would think you are suppose to listen to your customers. When they told you to leave the bangs and then you cut them off.. well, I probably would have made an ass out of us both. You are so unprofessional and you should be fired. 

Dear Jordan, Yea.. I think about you every day. I am tired of it too. I get you out of my head.. never out of my heart and here you are again. Why not just call me? 

Dear Scott, I am really upset about you dropping my camera and breaking it. I know you didn't mean to but it happened and now we have to send it off to be fixed or buy a new one. I am so not happy. Why is it hard to have just 1 good night where there are no problems at all. Do you remember those times? Where did they go? Who would have ever thought summer 2013 would be one of the hardest years that we would ever have to endure?? Its been awful. I still don't know what is going to happen but if you can't tell me the truth about EVERYTHING then we have a big problem. I love you. I want things to be better.. but I don't know how to make that happen right now. I am really just too tired right now. 

Dear Random Neighbor #1, If your dogs keep barking I am going to bang on your door at 4 in the morning. WTF? Do they not wake you up? Do you think we are all hard of hearing? Another thing about living in a neighborhood that sucks ass. We live next to chickens and they don't make any where near the noise those dogs make. Have some consideration. Geeeezzzzzzzz.

Dear George Zimmerman, I am sure you are happy with no prison sentence but I really want to tell you that you screwed up. You should have stayed in the car and nothing would have happened. I think you are a prime example for gun control. 

Dear Parents at the YMCA, letting your child poop in the pool is just wrong. It ruined it for everyone last night. Why not use some Little Swimmers.. or teach them better. It grosses me out to think about it. 

Dear Jackson, I have a complaint for you too today... I expect my calls to be returned. Call of Duty is never more important than your mother. 

Dear Mom, I am sorry for worrying you so much here lately. But could you please call Scott's phone before sending the police over to check on us. Pretty Please. I love you.

Dear Brittany, How many times have I told you that you have to be the one that sets the example being your older? You have been sucking. Try acting like a young lady instead of a brat so much. 

Dear Art, I am so happy I divorced you. Yep. I think I would rather slit my own throat than to endure you everyday. You need to get a life and understand that you don't get to talk to me any kind of crazy way. 

Dear Mail Man, You seem sneaky to me. I have never seen you actually deliver the mail always coming at different times...causing me to not get the mail out in time...thanks.

Dear Dad, Can't you see what is going on from up there? Can't you send some angels down to guard us a little better? I know I might be crazy for asking the dead for help.. but I need it. I miss you every day. 

Dear toothache, YOU SUCK. 

Dear Random Neighbor # 2 - What the hell are you carrying in that bucket to the woods day after day. I wonder if you are growing pot and having to water it, or if its some kind of animal waste... idk.. but its really making me wonder. Sorry.. but I did take some pictures. Just in case.. 

Dear Shanna, I am sorry for putting you through my problems. I know they have to be exhausting. I love you.

Dear Trina, Sorry about the crazy calls. Hopefully things get better soon. I love you. 

Dear Alyce, A condo in Florida sounds very nice right now! Miss you. 

Dear Bloggy friends, I am sorry for the ranting. Here lately it seems I get one good day a week. And that's not much. I am tired of all the crap that keeps going on around here. I don't feel anyone tells the truth...and I am ready to ring all their necks. I am sure they would flip out if I get a blog redesgin for the - Pinocchio Family- I invision Pinocchio on the left with his long nose going across the header with - The Pinocchio Family - scrolled across that long nose. Then below frames with pictures of Pinocchio # 1, Pinocchio #2... you get it. A greenish design. Maybe I am loosing it. Idk. I think I am going to open the wine early today! 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! 


K Jaggers

4 comments on "Friday Letters * Blunt Bitch Alert *"
  1. Just breathe honey! Breathe just breathe!! I love you. this too shall pass. I love you.

  2. Sometimes we just need to get it all out! Sending some positive vibes your way and hoping that from here on out, things will start turning around for you and your family :)

  3. Just know that no matter what happens I am always here to listen. You may not like what I have to say sometimes but then again that is just me. I Love You all and everything will get better. Just keep praying and talking to mom and your dad and you will get through it. We are always here for you no matter what time. I am sorry if I don't hear the phone ringing but I still love you guys.

  4. Just know that no matter what We Love You All and everything will get better. You are a strong person and you can get through anything with a good stiff Seriously though no matter what happens or has happened or will happen I will ALWAYS be here for all of you. Hugs and love and prayers your way.


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