Flower Cosmetics Haul & First Impressions [ Video ]

Tuesday, July 16, 2013
 I am finally  happy to tell you guys that I finally got my hands on some of the Drew Barrymore Flower Cosmetics! I lived by a Walmart in North Carolina which didn't carry the line but I moved.. and happy happy to have found it! This is a small haul with my first impressions. I am currently testing it all out and soon I will have reviews up! 

Here is the video and there are more pictures and information below!

Here is the Flower Foundation.. This one is in LF4


I love that it comes in a pump.. and this foundation has a primer mixed into the formula. So far the coverage is pretty nice.. it really doesn't set with super dewy finish but its not matte either. I would say its more of a soft satin finish. 

Here is the Flower Shadow Play Quad 

in EQ3 - Foxy Browns -

I was also shocked at how pigmented these are and how they blended out so nice. 

Next up.. the blush and bronzer duo! 

I actually love that they didn't add some cheap brush to this duo.. instead I think they focused more on the product which is pretty darn nice! 

This one is in BD2 - Gloriously Golden - 

This duo is the softest power duo I have seen in a long time. Its creamy but still a powder and blends like no other. 

Now on to the powder foundation. This one is in PP2 

 and they did add one of those cheap brushes with it. Again.. why give us these kind of brushes that are not worth a shit??

 But I am happy to report the powder is nice and creamy like the rest. 

I also got one of the Flower Cream Eye Shadows in CE2 - Good as Gold - 

Talk about creamy.. 

This is probably the creamiest shadow I have ever had. Its pretty too.. I can't wait to create some looks using it! 

Here is the flower blush in CB2

This is another creamy blush that is a pretty coral color. 

I am still testing this out.. so I will have to let you know later what I think about this. 

I got one lipstick to try out. The packaging is pretty cute.. 

This one is in LS10 - Nude Narcissus - 

I think its a shade that is " your lips but better! "

And last but not least.. I got this cool mascara. 

This brush has 3 different settings.. 

Super Interesting! 

So have you guys tried any of these products?? Let me know what you think of them!! I am excited to here what you guys think of this line!


K Jaggers

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5 comments on "Flower Cosmetics Haul & First Impressions [ Video ]"
  1. When I went to my local Wal-Mart, all the Flower stuff was really picked over. The shadows look nice--I wish they were in stock when I went and looked.

  2. New follower from the blog hop! I would love if you would follow me also. I am SO excited to be following along!
    Love Me, Dani Marie

  3. Thanks for posting this! I was just at Walmart today and didn't see this line, although I wasn't looking. I'll check again next time...definitely want to try. Love the eyeshadow quad colors.

  4. The eye shadow pallet looks really nice. The only product I have used from this line is the concealor. It's the twisty kind with the brush on the end. I like it. It doesn't crease and does a pretty decent job of brightening up my under eye area and diminishing darkness.

  5. Hi Kisha,
    I know this video is old, but I was wondering if you knew the corresponding shade name to the About Face foundation in LF4? Thanks!


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