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Monday, July 22, 2013
Oh, you guys... another weekend has came and went which I am happy about. It was pretty bad for me. I think we will go back to Thursday night when things were still pretty normal. Actually I had to get Zane ready to head home to his moms and we got in a game of monopoly. Zane had been wanting to play for a while so I wanted to get in one last game before he was to head home. 

As you can see everything started off fine.. just a normal game night. 

And here is the last " normal " picture of myself.. 

Shortly after this picture was taken, my husband took the camera and dropped it. It was my good good good camera and the lens was stuck. I was so upset... I started crying.. and then I started to hunt for the box and receipt. Being we just moved, only God knows where that box is. 

I finally went to bed really upset and in the morning I woke up with a loose piece of tooth bouncing around in my mouth. WTF? I wasn't in any pain so I went on life and didn't worry about it too much. When I was brushing my teeth that morning, I didn't really see anything wrong in my mouth so life went on. 

I got Zane packed up.. and then husby shows up at home telling me that Sams was going to let me exchange the camera for another one. What? They had found the receipt in their computer system and even though I got it in December of 2012 they told him that we could bring it back. I didn't question that shit at all. This was not my big DSL camera... it was my point and shoot which stayed in my purse 90% of the time. 

We got that handled but they didn't have my original camera so I picked out this Fuji Film camera that was not quiet as nice as mine but it has some pretty cool qualities that I thought would be better for our family. 

Its waterproof up to 20 feet.
Shock proof up to 5ft
Freeze proof
Dust, Sand, and Pollen Proof

and it came with a case and sd card. 

I thought it would be fun getting underwater pictures of the kids.. I also thought it would be spill proof because when I am taking pictures in the kitchen.. my cameras always get messy.. It films in HD so I thought it would be fine for my youtube videos  Oh.. and one thing my other camera did not do.. was the ability to take pictures while videoing. This one does. It doesn't have the kick ass zoom as the other one but it does have 5x zoom.. so that's ok. Its also bright but I should be able to find this bright yellow camera floating around in my purse! So far I am happy with it. But I will test it out more and probably do a review sometime in the future. 

Anyway.. I was starting to feel pretty bad at this point. That tooth was hurting... and hurting bad. But I got busy finishing getting Zane packed.. 

I still can't believe that dumb bitch at the hair place cut his bangs off. But hes still cute! 

By around 1am.. I was done. Scott was sleeping in bed to get ready to take off on that long road trip.. and I went to the ER. 

Perfect.. check out my face! 

These pictures were taken with my camera on my phone.. sorry..

I love black toes with black sandals!

I even took a quick video.. and being its so short.. I didn't upload it on youtube. 

To be very honest, I was in more pain over the swelling than the tooth. My face just kept getting tighter and tighter. I was crying when I was driving to the hospital talking to Shanna the entire way. It was awful. The hospital I went to was huge. Seriously huge. It has 3 ERS. I had never seen anything like it. I took up like 4 city blocks. They gave me antibodics and pain meds.. along with a list of dentist and sent me on my way. 

By now it was after 2am .. The meds they gave me at the hospital were kicking in so I woke Scott to drive me across town to the 24 hr pharmacy. 

It was like 330 when we were sitting in CVS. I got bored.. checked my extra care bucks and got over $25. I was so happy! So while I am looking like a crazy woman, high as a kite from those pain meds, I started shopping! Ha! And even took some pictures of new displays! 

Then we go to check out.. and we both realize we don't have our Id's. Mine was in a pair of pants laying in my closet floor.. and Scott ran out of the house without his wallet. SHIT. We couldn't get my medicine so back home we went.. and then we turned right back around. By the way I will have my mini haul up soon plus some pretty cool Avon Mascaras that my sister in law sent me.. Stay tuned!

Scott and Zane left for Louisiana around 430am. Brittany I fell asleep when the sun was coming up..She slept all day but I was still feeling bad so.. 

laid on the couch ALL DAY and tried to recover. Eventually I made a small pot of potato soup 

What's for dinner?

being it was easy to eat. Brittany and I stayed home all day. Around midnight husby gets home and goes straight to the shower and bed. He drove over 20 hours straight and was exhausted. 

Sunday wasn't very special either. 

I wasn't still kinda grumpy from not feeling good and Scott was pretty grumpy too. 

I didn't want to cook but I did grill up some chicken breast 

for Brittany and Scott but I had more potato soup and then found myself relaxing in a hot bath..


which felt amazing. 

It wasn't too late before I was in bed dozing off and on. The pain medicine is too strong for me so I only take a 1/2 and I still just fall asleep. I kept waking up off and on.. and one those times I woke up to see Gabby in my shoes! 

What I thought was funny was she had both paws in both shoes. How precious is that!?

Right as I was falling back to sleep I saw that the Royal Baby is on its way! 

I couldn't stay up.... and when I woke up this morning we are still waiting! I have been bitching about this baby for weeks so I am happy it should be born soon! 

Anyway, I am feeling better.. the swelling is going down and I am not in much pain. I need to find a dentist too. Its been a hell of a weekend. To top it off, Scotts ex wife offered him a bed to nap in if he wanted. I seriously wanted to slap her down for suggesting he sleep at her house. Of course he didn't.. and was there only for about 5 minutes but that was totally crossing the line. And eventually I will tell her what I thought about it. But I am just thankful that we are done with her. Zane will be flying from now on.. so we won't have to even see her 2x a year and the chatter is over. She would also text asking for extra stuff but she burned a bridge with me this time. Next weekend will be about the ex's too. We are exchanging Brittany and this time it will be my ex husband. Perfect. Another idiot for ya. I can't wait to be done with seeing the ex's! 

Today I am going to pick up around the house.. get things ready to go to the YMCA tonight.. I am taking that underwater camera to test out! I plan on trying to make the best out of this last week with Brittany Belle. I hate that she is heading home next week but she has school starting on the 1st and I need a break. She is by far the hardest of all the kids.. so far! Why are girls so hard? I think everything is starting sooner with all the tv and social media. I hate it and its going to take the entire family staying on her ass to really keep her doing right. 

I sure hope you had a better weekend than me! 

I am trying to think positive for this week... 


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  1. Ouch sorry to hear about the tooth! my wisdom teeth give me trouble every so often but nothing like that! The pic of the your kitty wearing shoes is hilarious!

  2. AnonymousJuly 24, 2013

    Your weekend sounds intense and exhausting and you must be so glad it's over!! At least there was some good news in getting your camera replaced (kind of) and hopefully you're on the road to recovery with the tooth - yipes!!



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