Calling all CAT LOVERS! Tidy Cats Littervention Contest and Reader/Viewer GIVEAWAY! [ Video ]

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hello friends and kitty cat lovers! Today I am here with a quick review.. a national contest and a giveaway!! 

Here is the video with all the details... right below is the entry form and additional information! 

Having a cattery has sure taught us a lot about litter in our home. Its something we always have to buy so we strive to get the best litter we can to keep the odors down. Belive me, its a challange to keep our home smelling fresh with so many kitty cats. I know many many of my readers are cat owners too who face the same challenges when it comes to litter box odor.

So, to get entered into the Tidy Cats Lettervention Contest head over here to who has partnered with Tidy Cats to bring you a cool contest where 1 Grand Prize Winner $2,000 worth of goods to enhance your home (or litter box area), a $100 gift card and a TWO YEAR supply of Tidy Cats litter!!!! WOW! Its really simple to enter.. just answer a few questions about your kitty cat and then you have to upload a picture you precious pet and a picture of the dreaded litter area! I think this is an awesome contest.. I already entered and hoping I win! :) Or hoping YOU win!

I have found that this litter does exactly what it says.. it delivers great clumping ability and superior odor solutions with the Glade. 

My cats have no problems using this litter. I know with some kittys a scented litter can bother them but that not been the case with any of the cats in my house. 

I am so thrilled to be teaming up with Tidy Cats to bring you this giveaway! 4 of YOU will win one 14 oz container of the new TIDY CATS WITH GLADE TOUGH ODOR SOLUTIONS! It will be delivered right to your door so you can try it out too! 

Just use the form below to get entered! You will also be able to find it in my sidebar. This giveaway will close on July 20 and I will announce the winners on July 21st! And a way to get more entries is to send me in pictures of your kitty and or your litter area! You can send them directly to my email, you can put them on my facebook page, tweet them to me. Or you can upload a video response on youtube!  Send them in! 



K Jaggers

Thanks to Nicole over at Cone Communications and thank you to Tidy Cats for sponsoring this giveaway! 


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1 comment on "Calling all CAT LOVERS! Tidy Cats Littervention Contest and Reader/Viewer GIVEAWAY! [ Video ]"
  1. I am currently using Scoop Away cat litter because it clumps great and there is less tracking.

    Thank you for the giveaway!


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