What a Day...

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hello everyone. Its been one hell of a day for us in the Jaggers house. So first I will start out with Gabby. For the past 2 days Gabby has looked pretty damn bad. We were not sure why.. but being she had an apt today to be boarded at the Vet I decided to wait to take her in.  When we arrive I insist on her being seen.. and thank God I did because she is in bad bad shape. We have no idea why but her blood count is down where she doesn't red blood cells and her liver seems to be shutting down. We don't know why.. She has all the signs of a diabetic cat but the Dr. John doesn't think that's it. He about knocked both my mom and I out of our socks when he said she will probably need a blood transfusion over the weekend if she is going to survive. HOLY SHIT. I am so worried and upset. I am glad she is in the hospital being treated but I can't understand what happened to her. She is only 4 years old and has been very healthy. But she went from a happy go lucky cat 3 days ago to 

Photo: Please pray for Gabby. She is in the hosiptal with liver failure..and will probably need a blood transfusion over the weekend to just stay alive...sooooooooo worried and scared. Shes oy 4 yrs old....WTF

a sick cat with a 105 fever and some serious medical problems. I honestly couldn't process it at the time. I was in shock and had so much on my plate that it was truly overwhelming. So then we get home.. I have to hurry and pack because Scott got off work early to head out to Louisiana. I forgot a ton of shit. Anyway.. we hit the road and sitting there driving miles upon miles, I kept searching my brain for what happened to my cat. We still have no idea how this is going to turn out. It could get really bad. Idk. Please pray for my kitty cat because she means the world to me and our family. 

To top things off.. my oldest son turned 17 today. I wish we were closer. I also wish I could have seen him today and gave him a big hug. Life has a funny way of working out. I had a big post planned with a bunch of his baby pictures but so much happened today that I just didn't get to it. But he was on my mind a lot today too. ): Happy Birthday Jordan. I love and miss you very much. 

My mom is home with the kids doing great. They love her so much and she is so fun! I just hope the kids don't wear her out too much. She also sold her house and is moving about the same time we are. We are one busy family this year. 

I am going to shut this computer and try to sleep because we have a very long day ahead of us tomorrow. We will probably get to Zane about 5 or 6 pm and then we are turning around and driving back as far as we can before stopping and getting a room for the night. Its just too far to drive straight through. The Vet is suppose to call me in the morning to update me on Gabby. I hope she makes it through the night because right now.. I'm just not sure. 

We are right outside Atlanta and tucked in the hotel bed for the night. 

I had a video planned for today but I just couldn't come on here and pretend that everything is fine. Its not. One of my best friends is in terrible shape.. I miss my son.. my heart is broken right now. But I have to put a brave face on for the kids and keep saying my prayers that everything will be ok. I know Scott is super excited to get Zane and I don't want to be a depressed cry baby but its hard. I am just going to have to fake it. I will go on and get the video up and have it go live in the afternoon. 

Please keep Gabby in your prayers. I will keep you updated. 

Thanks mom  for helping with the kids... I love you very much.

K Jaggers
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