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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hello friends! I hope you are getting a great start to this day. So first off.. thank you guys for the emails about husby and I. I should know by now that if I do a post saying we are not getting along and then nothing the rest of the day.. people sometimes wonder and worry. Husbands and wives argue sometimes. Monday night we seemed to bitch more than anything. Then we went to bed and woke up in better moods. We were fine yesterday! I just got so busy that I didn't have time to blog. We talked a lot and moved on pretty fast. Right now Scott and Jackson are heading to Tennessee to meet my ex husband. Jackson really wanted to go to his dads for a month this year. I am totally nervous about him being gone but its ok.. I know he really wants to go and I am thinking about him..not me. I am pretty protective over Jackson and I know I am going to worry the entire time but I just want him to have fun and be safe. 

Right now he's sleeping like a baby. ( picture from Scott ) and pretty close to the destination point! I didn't go because we have Zane and Brittany here. Plus I had an appointment that got rescheduled...so I think in a little while, we are going to the pool. Scott is heading back to work after he gets back for a few hours so why not! I am really wanting to use the lap pool and start a small work out. Then maybe I will graduate to some of the yoga classes and such. I don't have an Athletic bone in my body. None of my family does. But I think it will feel good to stretching my muscles out. Who knows if I will keep the membership or not in winter but we'll see! 

Yesterday was so busy for me. Brittany and I took off to Shelby to get prescriptions from the Dr. and check the house for the lost spices.. Husby kept saying.. there is no way we missed a box. No way.. Well look at the box that was on top of the frig.. 

Yep.. it was on top of the frig and my cookie sheets were and pot were in the oven. Thank God I got that box because on the bottom is all my best spices that I use all the time. It would have cost a ton of money to try to replace them all.  The house is empty still and I am pretty sure if they don't sell it asap that it will go into foreclosure. I didn't feel a bit sad or anything being there. I was happy to get in and get out fast. But that trip took up about 4 hours of our day. Then I came home worked on laundry and getting Jackson packed 
up. In the evening Scott took them out for haircuts and then we had yummy steak fajitas and tacos for dinner. We ate really late due to Scott and the kids being out. I think it was 930 pm...see late! Then I had to finish getting Jackson's stuff and ready and by 11pm I had a screaming headache and just went to bed. I didn't even open the computer! So now hopefully you guys know that husby and I were not killing each other or anything. I was just super busy! I will reply to your emails later today but I thought a post would clear it all up! I probably shouldn't have said anything about Scott and myself bitching but I don't really hide things and I am honest when it comes to my marriage. We have good days and bad. I honestly hate those bloggers/facebook posters/ twitters/  who claim how happy and perfect there marriage is day after day. I consider my marriage a good marriage - MOST DAYS - but all couples have ups and downs. If your marriage or relationship doesn't.. then your a liar...plain and simple. So please know.. if I am not blogging, it doesn't mean something bad has happened. I was exhausted with a terrible headache and needed sleep! Plus it's summer which means less blogging anyway. I would love to be home.. on the couch or at my desk making videos and doing blog posts but that wouldn't make the kids too happy! But I do still blog so don't be too concerned! Most days I balance my time pretty well! 

Have a great Wednesday! 


K Jaggers
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