Weekend Recap!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Hello Friends! I hope you are all getting a good start to this Monday. Thankfully for me.. the alarm is now off because its summer! I love being able to sleep in. However, its sounds better than it actually is because both of the boys woke me up 2 mornings in a row. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! And this morning, Jackson came busting into the bedroom and yelled that Willow was giving birth to another kitten. WELL... I jumped out of bed and sadly the second kitten was not alive either. I don't know why.. and I am not even sure the Vet could tell me why. 2 kittens have passed away and there might be another one too. I put a call into Dr. John and waiting on him to call me back. I don't know what is going on.. I also put another call into one of my breeding friends and waiting on a call back. I haven't had this kind of problem ever...and I am not sure what to do. Willow seems completely healthy but dead kittens is a huge problem.. and its sad. Jackson has been helping a lot which I am also thankful about. Its tough though..

So now on to the weekend! 

Carly wanted to stay the night Friday with Brittany...Since we are moving, I thought it would be ok.. 

The girls are so cute together!!

The boys did their thing and I worked in the house on the computer for a while.. 

I also went over this massive lease we got for the new house. Before I knew it, we were all crashed out in bed dreaming. I think I fell asleep first then I woke up and checked on everyone and they were all sleeping like angels! 

Saturday came with a lot of rain..there was NO LIGHTENING so I let them play for a while. My mom and neighbor flip out about me letting the kids play in the rain. They think they will get hit with lightening and kill them. Well no one stopped me from playing in the rain when I was a kid. I don't really agree but I am listening to mom.. and keeping them out of the lightening.

They love playing in the rain so much! 

They actually all came in.. dried off and changed and then decided to get wet again. I was busy packing and I didn't notice that Brittany had got a ton of our trash bags to make a slip and slide. 

They were so proud because they came up with something to do on their own. 

They kept adding things to hold the garbage bags and then used the hose to wet it! Ha! See what happens when you let kids use their imaginations! 

I did feel a little sorry for them so I went and got another slip and slide.. 

Which they played on for almost 3.5 hours! 

It was so cute and well worth the $6! 

While I was outside with the kids, I was checking out my little herb garden and its doing so good! 

I really think I am going to dig these up and take them to the new house! 

Check out this cute video of Super Cooper I got while I was enjoying the day outside! 

Once the kids calmed down and came inside...I took an hour of their time. I got them packing..

Brittany complained the entire time and said its against the law because of child labor laws but I just let her bitch and kept her working. I think the kids can help an hour a day rather they like it or not. And she was the  only one complaining which is pretty typical! 

Scott came home with a big pizza...

which the kids ate really well and then he took them to the drive in! 

God love that man because I was so happy to get the house to myself for a few hours. I know that sounds selfish but I needed the break! I have the kids all the time and to be very frank.. they are loud!! I like it quiet...and getting a few minutes to myself in the summer is a treat! I love that picture above.. its so cute of the kids! 

I took that time to work around the house and I also worked on some videos! 

I got this lush video done and up.. take a look! 

And then I used the sex bomb and escaped to a wonderful bath! 

Sunday came and it was back to packing and getting things to the dump that I don't want anymore. 

Check out what used to be our dining room..

Its now the box room and with easy passing day, we just keep adding more to it! 

After all that work, I stopped and got my beloved Mickey D Sweet Tea. I love it.. and it was perfect for a hot day of packing. 

Scott gathered up all the garbage and stuff that we wanted to donate.. and that's exactly what we did. 

It seemed to take forever and I was really tired in the car. As soon as we got back it started raining.. 


And I still had to run out to the store.. perfect! 

I decided to quickly leave because the storm was only suppose to get worse.. 

I got a little shopping done 

To make matters even better.. my phone was totally screwing up. My emails were not coming in and that was a HUGE problem for me. Its crazy how big of a line of communication email is.

So I came home and did a hard reset on it.. loosing pretty much everything. I had to re-install all the apps and such.. which took a long while but now its working right. (: Its almost time for a new phone!

I came home and made an early breakfast dinner. The kids voted on breakfast over meatloaf so its meatloaf tonight! 

I don't have a lot of cookware left out at this point.. so I had to cook in batches.. First the sausage and ham... then I had to wash that skillet and make the eggs. The pancakes were cooked on the griddle.. easy dinner! 

I sat out most of the stuff the kids would want.. 

Served up dinner.. 

I just enjoyed a blueberry pancake.. but they all enjoyed the big breakfast dinner! 

Scott also got busy cleaning out the fish tank..I thought it would be fine until moving day but he thought they needed it sooner.

Can you see President Obama!? He's the kind of President of the the fish tank! 

So last night about 6pm.. Brittany fell asleep in her bed.. Scott went to bed for a "nap" and neither of them woke up.. at all.

The house was so quiet.. The boys were good.. and I loved the peaceful night. It was amazing! I took a long bath... and was asleep about midnight.. and it was so nice. UNTIL I woke up to my son saying that Willow was having kittens. And then for that kitten to be dead is pretty hard. The kids handled it well..I don't know what is going on with her but she seems as healthy as ever but it almost seems the kittens are premature. I think the kids being here.. the move.. all of it has been hard on her. It took 2 years to get her pregnant so its a huge disappointment but it happens when breeding any kind of animal. 

Its now pouring again. I love the rain.. and its nice to help cool it down some. We have the windows open and it sounds so pretty. But I have to run to the bank and back to the market in a bit so I hope it stops soon. It seems like I am going to the store everyday right now. I am trying to use up as much as the food here as I can so thats less that we have to haul to the new house but the kids think they are starving.. so back out I go!

I have more packing to do later today too. Fun.. Fun..so I better get moving! I hope you have a wonderful week! 

K Jaggers

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  1. Aw!!! What a fun weekend and good for you for letting them play in the rain. People worry about crazy things sometimes. Like if it isn't lightening they will be fine! And Mama's deserve alone now time and then. Do not feel bad at all for your break while the kids were at the drive in. You will need it, especially with moving! xo


    1. Nice to meet you! I know right!? When did playing in rain become so bad!? I don't know but I am trying to listen to my mom but I don't really agree with it. I am glad I had that time to relax.. this week is crazy being we are moving.. so the quiet night was nice.


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