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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

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Sleeping in the new house still hasn't been easy for me. Idk.. but I have woke up pretty early every day since we have moved in. Today however, I was a little more lucky and slept until 11am. And straight to the coffee I went! You know I didn't loose the coffee pot box! It was unpacked first! But I was up at 7...8..and 10 due to the cats meowing. I am probably going to go fix Romeo and then at least he will shut up. So today I got up and made him an apt to be neutered on the 28th.  Yesterday Brittany and I  had to go get Willow from the Vet..And it was over a 2 hr ride one way. I was still using my old Vet which was close to an hour away from our old house but even further with the new house. It was a very long drive and I probably would have done anything to not drive that far yesterday but I didn't really have a choice. 

 We actually smarted up this time...With Romeo, he has picked on every cat who comes home from the Vet. Well picked on is not the right words..Really, he beats the shit out of any of our other cats who comes home from anywhere that he hasn't been. So guess what? We loaded him right up for that long car ride and took him with us. 

We really thought if we took him, and let him get the same smells on him, it might just help out the other cats. And so far...it has worked! (: Those girls loved him and passed him all around that office. They took back to the hospital part of the building.. put him on a table.. and just fumbled him all around! I am so thankful for Bessmer City Animal Hospital. They have been nothing but good to me and my pets for years. I am totally going to miss them. 

Anyway, it took a while to get checked out because of all the meds that Willow has to take. I had to listen and even take some notes to keep it all straight. So for everyone wondering.. We don't know why the kittens died. We have tried breeding her for about 3 years now and she had problems getting pregnant. But she seemed to have a healthy pregnancy. ALL the kittens were full term with fur and nails.. there is just no reason they all should have died. I personally think she went into labor without any real signs for us to know.. and it went on too long. I think the kittens were in the birth canal and lost oxygen. But that's only a guess. Then after the last kitten the birth sack didn't come out..Well some of it did but she still had more inside of her.. which caused an infected uterus. Then we find out she is highly anemic probably from loosing so much blood during the births. So she has a bunch of daily meds. They didn't spay her because she is so anemic. If they operated on her, she could die. So right now we are just keeping her on the meds and waiting. 

 We faced both cats together in the back seat so they could see and smell each other..

and it worked! He was nothing but nice to her after we arrived home. I was not joking when I said I am done breeding cats.  I am even going to take down the links at the top of the blog soon too. Its just was too painful this last time with Willow and our expenses were insane. Sure we will miss all the bouncing kittens around the house but its time to end this hobby of mine. I love cats.. All Cats.. and our cattery isn't just a business. They are our family pets and when something happens to them it affects us all. Its sad but I really feel its the right decision. 

Now on to today... Its been raining here for a few days now but its pretty nice. We have a ton of our things in the garage so we are going to work on bringing some of that in and put up. Scott says he will help more tonight and then tomorrow he is off and will probably help a lot then too. We have a lot done in the kitchen and some done in the living room but there is still a lot to do. We have been working so hard the past few days, that today I wanted us to all sleep in and wake up easy. Then we can start working. The kids have helped so much. Zane and Brittany are still asleep! Jackson has been up for a while but the house is still really quiet. Speaking of Zane and Brittany.. both of them scared the hell out of me last night. They sneaked downstairs really late and hid under the end tables in the living room. Then I walk in there and they scare me to death. I scream....LOUD... and wake up Scott and Jackson who was not too happy about it. I could have died when they scared me. They thought it was oh so funny but I didn't find it so funny. I am sure when they get up, they will have all kinds of giggles about it!

I know this has been a long post but its been a while and I just wanted to catch up and say hi! I have totally missed blogging in the past week or but when we were moving.. I didn't even open my computer. I was too exhausted to care. But things are starting to calm down a bit so things should get back to normal around here pretty fast! I will have the winner of the apron up soon so come back if you entered to see if you won it!!! Sorry about running late with it..lots going on. 

I'll be back later! Have a great day. 


K Jaggers
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