Wake up!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Good Morning Friends! I don't know why but I think the dark forces are coming together and not letting me sleep in the morning! I was up much later than I should have been last night with the kids last night. I had every intention on sleeping the morning and part of the afternoon. However, Willow went back into labor and I woke up to another morning of Jackson running in the bedroom screaming that Willow is having another kitten!
Guess what!? 

We have an alive baby! 

2 of the babies passed away over the last couple of days but this one is alive and doing good so far. We are not out of the woods yet because with it just being a hour old can bring many problems but I hope...pray.. and have even crossed my fingers that both mom and kitten will be ok. She still looks like there are more kittens inside her but it could take hours upon hours for them to be born. And I could be wrong...this might be it but Willow is still pretty big. I expect a couple more to come within a few hours. 

Let me tell you.. on morning that I am extremely tired...this was not how I thought the day would start. Nope.. But how can I get upset about a new baby!? So far Willow seems to be bonding with the baby just fine. I am a little nervous because this is her first litter but she was born to have kittens. She always has tried to care for Gabby's kittens...so I think she is going to be a good mommy! Actually, just last night I was thinking I am done with breeding cats. I don't know if I am or not but its been hard these past few months.. First Gabby had a C- Section... Then Gabby got sick and back to the Vet she went.. Willow has been pregnant for a couple of months and in the last 2 days she has given birth to 2 dead kittens.. And to top things off...my male has become so aggressive with ALL the cats that he has to be kept in a different room at all times. So its a bit more complicated that I had imagined. In many ways, I want to stop but my love for the  cats and kittens keeps me going. I love them so much....and the kittens bouncing around the house ALWAYS.. I MEAN ALWAYS puts a smile on my face...and everyone else in the house. It won't be an easy decision when I finally decide to stop.

So my day has started off a little different than expected. I have some more packing that needs to be done today. Also I have the video coming up soon of what the house looks like on the inside! It will be up in a couple hours. I am so excited that we are moving. Yesterday we got the key and I was finally able to go inside. The kids went too and all of them seem to like it except Brittany Belle. She is upset that I am moving her away from her friends but I know she will get over it and find some new friends. To me, it seems bigger than the house we are in now. Perfect right!? I complain now that this house is too big to keep clean and then husby goes and picks another house.. only bigger! Maybe he is wanting to keep me more busy! We decided that we would rent a truck Friday and try to get everything over there in 1 trip. Its a far way from this house so making small trips in the car won't be happening. Scott said I would use at least $25 in gas coming and going so it might be better to stay here and wait until we have the truck. But we are almost ready to get out of here! COME ON FRIDAY!

Well I am going to try to get some rest.....all while keeping an eye on Willow. I bet I stay tired all day...- Yawn-

I hope you have a great Tuesday.. I'll be back soon!


K Jaggers
2 comments on "Wake up! "
  1. Maybe you could foster cats looking for a forever home? I foster dogs for rescue groups which also cures my desire to have more pets around the house. I have 2 dogs of my own. I hope mommy and the kittens will be OK.

  2. Thanks so much! That's a good idea! I guess I could always check into it.. because breeding Persians has become much harder this year than expected!


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