Unexpected Moments & Growing As A Couple {Link Up}

Thursday, June 20, 2013
I am linking up with this  marriage series "From One Year To Beyond"! I had this post done yesterday but got busy unpacking and didn't get it posted! Opps! Hope you enjoy! 


Wow.. well I don't really like the unexpected. I am a planner and then things happen unexpected, my husband copes much better than I do! I look at the picture to the right and see a couple just starting out trying to figure out their lives together. Little did we know then that our lives together would take so many twist and turns through out the years. Honestly, I think the best way to deal with the unexpected is to try your best to roll with it as much as you can. We have had to move a lot due to Scott;s work.. which I honestly don't mind that much. The first couple of years we traveled together all over the US for his work and that experience alone was totally unexpected for me. He was use to living on the road.. me not so much. But I loved it and didn't want to stop. It was also unexpected for my mother who didn't like see me living in hotels. We came off the road, got married and blended our kids together. It was also kind unexpected that we didnt have a child together. We talked about it for a loooong time but we both feel like we are done with the baby stage. The youngest two are 10.. and they wear us out. But we both thought we would have one together. The kids are always unexpectedly surprising us ( good & bad ).. and they are always teaching us something!  Life happens rather we want it to or not. Scott and I have had hard times in our relationship that was totally unexpected at times but we held on and rode out the storm....together. And not all unexpected things are bad.. some are rather good and easy to adjust to while others just suck the life out of you! 

Our marriage is stronger than it ever has been and its probably because of all those unexpected things that challenged us to learn more.. work harder..open our hearts and minds more.. and above all compromise. I feel totally lucky with Scott because even though he does have a grumpy personality a lot of times, he has really been a wonderful man to me. Over the years we have figured out what works for us. It might not work for other couples but we are happy with our lives. Really all of life is about lessons. I think there is a lesson in almost everything. We have been together so long that now we can pretty much read each others minds. I'm not joking either. I love him so much and I think for the next phase of years...the middle years.. will be even better no matter what things pop up! I have also learned through all the unexpected times that its best to not worry. Half the shit we worry about.. never happens anyway. Think about how many times that has happened in your life. We worry when there is no need. Life will happen when its suppose to and its ALWAYS going to bring unexpected challenges along the way! 


K Jaggers
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