Wednesday, June 19, 2013

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Hello everyone! What a morning around here. Both kids Brittany & Jackson are in a mood today to say the least. I hate pranks.. have I said that before? I love my mom to death.. seriously she is one of my best friends but I could ring her neck for exposing the kids to the world of pranks. Last night, Brittany put glue in Jackson's belly button and this morning Brittany woke up with a ton of toothpaste in her hair.. and she was bitching like no other. So right now both kids are apart.. they had to listen to me bitch for 30 minutes straight and its coming to a point where I am going to take their stuff away for pranking. Plus I just got all the bedding washed and you know there is tooth paste all over it. Scott was like - They didn't use my $25 toothpaste did they? - How the hell am I suppose to know that? I wasn't trying to lick Brittany's hair to taste what kind of toothpaste it is. SIGH..Not the way I wanted to wake up for sure. And I am sure they all think I am the wicked witch of the west right now for my reaction to their morning crap. And to top it off...Brittany and Zane went to sleep after 3am and woke up early due to all this and you know they are going to be peaches today with not enough sleep. I seriously have to do something about their bedtimes soon. I know Brittany is allowed to stay up late at her dads and I know Zane is allowed up late at his moms. BUT...3am is pretty damn late for a 10 year old and an 11 year old. That needs to end soon. So you can see how the day started..Over all the kids have done great through the move. They have helped a lot and I have been so thankful for them. I hate getting on them in any way but enough with the pranking. I am all filled up with that bullshit. Scott is off work today but he's back at the old house right now getting the treadmill. He was going to leave it but I told him that my mom would die if I left it so he's bringing it here. Its works fine and we shouldn't just leave it. Then I think he is going to come home and go play golf with the kids. We got him a gift certificate for Fathers Day so he is ready to cash it in! And I think if he does go, he will be taking Brittany and Zane. Jackson doesn't want to go. I am going to be unpacking more and I have to run out today too so its probably going to be pretty busy for me. I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday! I'll be back later! 


K Jaggers

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