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Thursday, June 27, 2013
Afternoon friends! I hope you are enjoying this pretty summer day. Not much is going on around here yet. It's noon and Brittany and Zane are still sleeping. Those kids stay up later than I do. I could go wake them up but then I have to deal with grumpy kids all I am just letting them sleep until they get out of the bed on their own. We were going to the pool early but I do have some things to do today. Speaking of the pool.. yesterday I was in the hot tub at the Y and then came out and did 2 LOOOOONG ASS LAPS in the lap pool which totally exhausted me. I was happy I did it.. and I think I will be exploring the Y even more in the coming weeks. I also think Scott and I will really enjoy it in the winter months. I wasn't sure what the real difference is between the suana  or steam room. Well, I understand one is steam and one is dry heat.. but I am going to have to figure out which I actually like because I have no idea. Yesterday I got lost coming back home which wasn't so fun. The damn navigation is messed up on my phone but Brittany's worked. I actually know what I did wrong. I turned one street early. And the funny thing was.. we just kept going around the circle.. 


over and over and over and over! I had no idea which way to go! The kids are not too happy that we are probably skipping the pool today but they can get over it. I bet they will be swimming Friday, Saturday and Sunday so I can have the day off. 

Romeo is probably having his surgery right now. He is being fixed so I bet he doesn't come home and beat the girls up again. He really is a shit at times..he goes after the other cats fast and hard... it actually started when we had to take the cats back and forth to the Vet. I think they would come in smelling weird and he hated it. Last time we took him to the Vet with us just to get him " smelly " too and it did work. BUT.. his attitude still pops in and he still attacks sometimes. I am hoping today that stops. He's spoiled rotten.. I mean really spoiled and he just might not like sharing the house with the others! We have to leave around 4 to pick him up. Another reason I don't want to go to the pool today. 

I also need to run to the store today too. It feels like its going to be a busy day. I am happy I got a easy start to the day because once I get going..  I won't stop till I fall into bed tonight. Last night... we come home from swimming and I baked a ham for dinner. I even shocked myself with that one. I was tired and didnt want to even cook but I'm glad I did because the ham was soooooo good! 

We all enjoyed it and then my night was over. I think tonight will be left overs. 

I should be getting a little back to normal around here in the coming days and weeks. Moving has really been hard and then summer with the kids started and I have very little time to do anything except unpack and take care of the kids. But here are some upcoming vidoes/post:

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along with..

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And I will be doing my best to keep up with all my weekly post.. such as 

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So just hang in there with me.. things will be picking up again! 

I hope you have a great day! 


K Jaggers

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