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Saturday, June 8, 2013

I'm thinking my 11 year old daughter is way too mouthy. I am seriously going to ground her from the computer, phone, and tv if she don't get control of her mouth and attitude! 

I'm thinking moving is hard and a lot of work. I got the master bedroom pretty much packed up yesterday. I had the kids help and we had a ton of it done in 1 hour. 

I 'm thinking summer is great but the kids are so loud. I love them dearly but they seriously hurt my ears. 

I'm thinking that I miss my mom. She did so much and was fun to hang out with. Thanks to her and her motivation...she got the kitchen and Jacksons room totally packed...And we got the garage and my closet done. Big Big Jobs I found very overwhelming.

I'm thinking our water bill is going to be as high as hell with these kids. Yesterday the hose was on for 2 1/2 hours straight. 

I'm thinking about malaria every time I see or feel a mosquito. Yea.. I think about it often and think maybe our family should start working towards doing what we can for the children dying everyday from a simple mosquito bite. Maybe we could collect donations or nets for the beds and send it where it's needed. Just thinking..

I'm thinking last night when we realized we didn't have a cork screw for some wine SUCKED. We started trying to look through boxes.. we ended up pushing it down in the bottle just to drink it. Guess I should have left that out!

I'm thinking this house is going to go back to the bank when we move out. They don't have our deposit.. at least they were honest about it. But we are still leaving the house clean. We are not going to flip out about it.. They have been good to us and times are hard. 

I'm thinking its going to be impossible to record videos in the house with all these kids. How in the world am I going to do that?? I was thinking maybe putting on a movie for them and basically tell them → 

I'm thinking I better get started on working on reviews.. videos or not! I have so many new products that I can't wait to talk to you about! 

I'm thinking today or tomorrow we should have the keys to the new house! We are going to start moving boxes in which means I will get a video soon of the inside for you guys! I am so excited! I haven't been in the house yet. I know its crazy but Scott wanted this house bad.. and went for it. Its far away and he could get in and see it before I could.. but he took a bunch of pictures!

I'm thinking that life is going to be so much better without all the clutter. I have so much stuff packed up and ready to be taken to goodwill and the dump. Lots and Lots of stuff. I am happy to get rid of it all. 

I'm thinking that the bottle of wine we got for mom, might be nice tonight. Yes it will!

I'm thinking that the new house would have been so much better with a pool. Just an observance....guess I didn't have much choice in it! 

I'm thinking the kids giggles really are the best sounds in the house. I could live without my daughter screaming but the giggles are precious.

I'm thinking our dog don't listen as well when all the kids are here. He just runs wild with them and just doesn't listen as well.

I'm thinking Romeo has been really picking on some of the other cats in the house and I don't understand why. I know he wants to breed with them but he has really got an attitude. I hate thinking of caging any of the cats but I think its time to get him a big big cage to keep him from starting so much trouble. 

I'm thinking it would be nice if it rained again....maybe I am just looking for a little peace and quite... some how the rain always brings that. However.. I let my kids play in the rain and my mom about had a fit. She thought they could get hit with lightening. My neighbor feels the same.. so I guess they better stop. I played in the rain all the time when I was a kid...idk.. Do you guys let your kids play in the rain!? I mean what are the chances that would actually happen? I still think its ok but I am going to listen to my mom! 

I'm thinking somehow some way I have give up the soft drink addiction I have...any suggestions on how? I hate water..and I don't drink a lot of juice.. but I do like tea so maybe that would work??

I'm thinking my mom never saw someone pack so many empty containers.. I kept trying to explain I save them so I can do an empties/product loves-product regrets video but I don't think she has ever seen someone pack so many empty items! Ha!

I'm thinking that I have really missed blogging the past couple of weeks. I have been blogging but not that much. The passion is still very much alive inside of me. I love it...and I am hoping to get back to normal around here as soon as the move is done!

I'm thinking I will tackle Scott's closet and the downstairs closet today. I hope to find a purse that I haven't packed up because I am tired of the one I have been using.

I'm thinking a trip to the Container Store is coming up...God I love that place!

I'm thinking that another cup of coffee would be really nice right now.

I'm thinking a pedicure would be super super super nice. YES PLEASE.

I'm thinking that I need to get motivated...It felt amazing sleeping in! Summer is here and that means no alarm clock for me! I couldn't be happier!! (:

Happy Saturday!


K Jaggers

I just wanted to let you guys know that I woke up to a dead kitten in my bathroom this morning. I had both Gabby and Willow locked in there with me last night and neither cat looks like they gave birth and Willow doesn't seem to be in labor. I am not sure what the hell happened.. My mom thinks it was Gabby and maybe that's why she got so sick. But the only pregnant cat in the house right now is Willow...but she doesn't show any signs of having kitten. WOW... What a crazy way to wake up. I'll keep you guys posted. 
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  1. I'm obsessed with anthropologie and always wear aprons. It makes me feel so girly.

    1. You need to leave this on the apron post right here → ← Good Luck!


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