Sleepy Afternoon

Wednesday, June 12, 2013
Good Morning...Afternoon! It's actually morning for me right now but I do  have an excuse for getting up later.. 
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I am still feeding this little guy about every 3 hours. And I was really tired at 830 when I had to get up and feed him. Thankfully he slept again until about 12:30 then I was back at it feeding him before I even had my first cup of coffee. He's doing good so far but its been a long night. And we are no where near being out of the woods yet but at least he made it through the night. We have been calling him " miracle " because its pretty fitting. 

To be perfectly honest, Willow acts like there is another kitten on the way right now. If she has another kitten I am going to be shocked. Just so you know...I have been on the phone with the Vet many times and since Willows temperature is normal.. and being she looks good still, we are not rushing her right in. Cats have kittens all the time so I am just trying to let it all happen as natural as possible. Hopefully she is done but its hard to tell! 

I know everyone thinks its oh so glamorous, fun, and sweet to hand feed a kitten. Well it is sweet but it not fun. I don't recommend it unless you have no choice. Willow is not producing milk yet so we are doing kitten formula instead. I do plan on getting a video up soon of how to feed  but first we want to make sure this little guy grows a little more first. My real hope is Willow gets the milk in where she can feed her own baby. 

Today is suppose to be more packing for me.. however, I don't want to leave the cats long enough to do anything. I am a little worried about Willow and I don't want it loud around here because I don't want her scared. So the moving plans are coming together pretty good. Friday we will get the Uhal... husby says he's getting a small one and making a few trips. Friday morning we will start loading up everything and getting it into the new house. We will probably be making a few trips and then Saturday I will be at the new house and then Sunday we plan on coming back.. getting forgotten items and cleaning the house up. Again.. its going to be a crrrrrazy weekend! I am excited to be moving though! I am still working on all the utilites and getting things set up at the new house too.. See busy busy! 

I will be blogging when I can. I do have some posts coming later today but its time I get up and do something. The kitten just ate AGAIN ( had to take a bloggy break! ) and now he's sleeping so its time to get things going around here. The yard guy is cutting the grass one last time right now so it looks nice if people come to look at it. 

Anyway, I hope you have a great Wednesday! I'll be back soon! 


K Jaggers

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