Saturday, June 29, 2013

Afternoon friends! I hope you all are having a wonderful Saturday! Even though its 2 in the afternoon.. we are just starting to get out of the beds and wake up. Our late night swimming is wearing us all out! Brittany is still sound asleep and Zane just got up. I think it was 4am before I finally dozed off. And guess what? We are doing it all again tonight! In the evening, we are heading back to the YMCA to do more laps. I might even do some walking today too. Who knows.. but I am doing my best to make some healthy changes. I do still smoke and believe me.. I can tell when doing those laps in the pool but I plan on quitting AGAIN.. I really do want to make some changes. I took some video yesterday that will be up in just a bit.. I am going to vlog through it all and maybe it will inspire you to get a little more healthy too! I am not in anyway a fitness person but I think the excercise makes my muscles feel better. I have serious ankle problems and can't do a ton of walking but I can get in that pool. Besides the YMCA tonight.. we don't really have any plans tonight. Tomorrow we are taking off for a day at Lake Lure which should be a lot of fun! This time we are probably not going hiking.. but just stay at the beach all day. They have a ton of things to do out there so we are packing a cooler and heading out. I'll get video there too! Jackson has been a busy bee since going to visit his dads. I miss him so much. Brittany is starting to get sad about going back to her dads in a few weeks. She excited about school and cheering but its always hard on both of us to say goodbye. Honestly, its has been better for us to split the kids up because they fight so much. When one is here and the other is with my ex husband.. both do so much better in school and also at home. But its hard. It breaks my heart to see her sad. I can't believe summer is half over for Brittany and Zane. Brittany starts school Aug 1 which is like 2 weeks early. That totally pisses me off because we live by the summers around here. Jackson starts later on August 19. So we will have some extra time with him before school starts but the other 2 will be in school for a couple weeks at that point. It would be nice if we could get all the kids on one schedule but I see that not happening for while. And don't forget we also have a trip to Louisiana to take Zane back too. Anyway.. we have a lot crammed into the next few weeks.. it should be interesting! 

Have a great day... I'll be back soon! 


K Jaggers
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