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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hello Friends! I know many of you have children and I am betting that you should be able to find something in this post that you can relate to! It's not just a rant because the kids have a lot of great qualities that should be said too.. but they are handfuls around here! 

* Brittany seems to think she doesn't have to listen to anything she doesn't want to do. She's not an adult.. and has the same rules as the boys. I'm seriously thinking about putting a little video together of her crazy behavior just so she can see. And also for her dad to see!

* All the kids fight over my cats. Yep.. Brittany thinks they are all hers and the boys tote them around just as much. I feel sorry for the kitties in the Jaggers House. 

* The kids are all on red cup duty because they use 30 a day so they can wash them. They should only use 1 per day but nope.. not our kids. Every night there is a different kid washing the red cups...and they still use a ton.

* Zane likes to tattle..I try to listen and be kind but it can be exhausting some days. 

* Now that summer is here, we have a new area to park the bikes... → behind the car ←.. Wonder if they have a secret plan to get new bikes!?

* Now that all the kids are here, we are having fights over who records what/when on the DVR. When did they start paying the bills and get a DVR?

* Jackson has been helpful with the cats. He always comes to help when there is a problem. His heart is huge! 

* I about had a breakdown after listening to the front door open and close a bazillion times today. I finally told them in or out.. Wow... I sound just like my parents. 

* Another new summer job the kids have is towel duty. They have to get all the dirty towels from upstairs to the laundry room and they get to fold them. They use 2 at time.. fine...but they get to help gather them up and  fold them. 

* Brittany does like to come cuddle in the night. We tend to do movies at night but I normally fall asleep first! 

On partirait où si on avait le choix ? | via Tumblr
* I am starting to think afternoon cocktails are good for the mind, body and soul. 

* Zane is a big help around the house. He does stuff when he see's it needs done. Earlier today I saw him sweeping the stairs.. I didn't tell him to.. he just did it. Wish Brittany and Jackson would pick up on that! 

* Brittany lives and dies by her laptop, phone and camera.. sounds like me right!? However, she's 11 not 37. Again.. she thinks she is older than she is. Whenever she screams at me I take her charger to her computer. I have it right now.. and I also went in there and took her phone charger too. She is going to have a heart attack when they die and I don't give the charger back. Why are girls so hard?

* Also my 11 year old daughter wears the same size shoe as I do.. and every day I am stopping her from running outside in my shoes. Yea.. another girl thing. I don't want her playing outside in my $100 sandals. No Thank you. 

* All of the kids are so hard on the house. No joke. They slam doors, finger prints seem to pop up all over the place. I am always running behind them cleaning and wiping things up. 

* Playing fair does not happen... those kids lie and cheat in all board games. I hate to say it... but they all do it. And scream about it being unfair! 

* The ice machine is another hot topic....AGAIN I never use crushed ice and I don't really like going in there.. putting my cup up there and getting a cup full of ice pieces. I hate that they change the settings and not put them back. Kids!

* Its pretty typical that all the kids pick on each other and guess what???? They all point fingers at each other and I normally have no idea who did what????? Its always a battle and if I punish them all for what one did... I'll hear it for weeks! 

* They also have no problems tearing up any made bed with their jumping and or wrestling. I am almost to the point of not making the beds or banning the kids from the adult rooms. Let them destroy their own beds... do you guys experience this?

* Privacy is gone. There are little ears every where listening to every phone call, every conversation... if we need to talk, its best if we take a drive and leave the kids at home....another thing they don't really explain well in baby class.

Do you see the cheatos on my new white bedding!? → Yea.. not too happy about that! ←

* I wonder what time is acceptable to a house full of 10 and 11 year olds during the summer? Husby says midnight is late enough but that almost a joke. Brittany and Zane were up until almost 3am.. but they were being quiet watching tv... Its summer right!?

* It didn't take long for the kids to break something in the new house. They hit the door into a wall and put a small..very small hole in the wall. PERFECT.. already something to fix. I'm serious.. these kids can turn any house into a dump before the door closes. And of course.. there was finger pointing and I have no idea who actually did it.

I am not just bitching about the kids.. Well, yes I am! They are handfuls but they are always teaching me something new or teaching me that → It's ok if mom needs a break ← because kids can be stressful! They are all very loving but when they are together..oh, my! What one doesn't think of, one of the others will!

I am sure it will be a fun yet challenging summer! Jackson does head off to his dads on the 26th so it will calm down some but little Miss Brittany brings plenty of drama where ever she goes!

What's been stressing you out lately with the kids!?


K Jaggers

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