Louisiana Travel Vlog! [ Picture & Video Heavy ]

Wednesday, June 5, 2013
In all honestly, we were not near as ready to leave to get Zane as we should have been. Mom and the kids flew in the night before which was a bit of a distraction and then Gabby got sick. So I spent hours upon hours at the Vets office taking up precious packing time. Then to top things off even more, Scott left work early even after telling me over and over he would work right up till the last minute and then we would leave. Let me just say.. it was crazy and insaine trying to get out the door and on the road. We had to come back 2 times before we ever got out of the city.

Here is a quick video of our trip.. I didn't do a lot of vloging because I forgot my charger..): but hope you enjoy! Pictures and even more videos below! 

Atlanta traffic on a Friday was crazy crazy! 

But it is such a pretty city.

We found a hotel an hour or so outside Atlanta and got some sleep. Actually we have stayed there many times going up and down the East Coast.. 

We got up.. Scott drove for a while and I slept..then it was time for breakfast! 

I woke up and did my makeup in the car..

Black eyeliner fixes everything! 

We got Zane picked up..

and headed right home.

After a while it was time for lunch and ice cream...

and crane game time!

I think they spent almost $15 trying to get an ipad out! 

But no luck! 

We drove and drove and landed in another hotel.. 

Scott went to bed and Zane got a new facebook account! His mom told me she was ok with him having one so that's what we did! 

Scott snored and was crazy in bed so Zane came over to my bed and snuggled up with me. 

The next morning we got a later start than what we had planned because we were all really tired. But we hit the road again about 11 and headed right back home. 

I fell in love with this Mini Cooper..

Seriously thinking its time to change out the Jaguar to something different really soon! 

Zane did great in the car..

and I got comfy and relaxed...

Only to have to drive most of the way home. Scott was exhausted and slept for a long while. Then it started raining and he took over.. 

We finally arrived home! Mom had done so much packing!!

And then we let the kids play and had cocktails and watched. 

Jackson and Zane played football..

Carly and Brittany played too..

and then the races started!

It was fun watching summer start in our home! The kids are all growing up so fast and are a lot of fun to be around! 

Our house is insaine right now. Boxes everywhere..Everything is pretty much packed up. There are a few more things left in my room and some of the smaller closets but there isn't much left. I am so thankful for all my moms help. I can't believe how much she got done. And she put her foot in my ass and made me get busy too! So we are all trying to adjust to the crazy house and finish getting things ready for the move! 

Super happy to be back so we can move on to a new summer and a new chapter in our lives! 

K Jaggers
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  1. Just found your blog!!
    Now following!
    Looking forward to keeping up and getting to know you!


  2. I gotta try vlogging! What a great way to explain things on a personal basis :). Thanks forsharing your trip with us @ My Favorite Posts SHOW OFF Weekend Blog Party :)

    The Wondering Brain


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