Saturday, June 22, 2013
Good Morning! I am just waking up trying to figure out what the day is going to hold! Of course its going to be more unpacking.. but I am pretty close to being done. I mainly need to work on getting Jackson's room organized and cleaned today. He's done a pretty good job of unpacking his own stuff but I need to get in there and finish it up. He's leaving on Wednesday but will be back at the end of July. Zane will still be here for a few weeks so I still want to get it finished. Yesterday I worked on cleaning out the garage and husby's closet. It has been just a big job on this move. I don't know why it seems harder.. maybe its because we are older and both Scott and I tend to get tired pretty quick. I just want all of this over so we can start to enjoy the summer. We won't have long before we are heading to Louisiana to take Zane back and also to exchange Brittany and Jackson. Gosh.. School is going to start before long and its going to suck waking up to the alarm clock again...grrrrrrrrrrr!

Today it's suppose to be sunny and nice. Our back yard is HUGE and I am thinking about having lunch outside today with maybe a game of Uno. I just checked the weather and it said rain starting tomorrow and lasting until next Saturday. Perfect. Hopefully it will come and go pretty fast each day. I was hoping Scott could take the kids to the lake tomorrow. 

Also today, I plan on working on some videos. With a houseful of kids... making videos is not easy! I think I will just lock myself in my bedroom and make them so they can't interrupt me. I want to start getting back in the flow of things around here with this glamorous blog of mine. Summer is always a slower time for blogging or vloging but now that things are starting to get back to normal and I want to change that. I miss you guys! I miss blogging too! I just wanted to get this crazy move over and I also had to get the house set up before I can spend  time making videos and such. Its been hell.. but at this point, there is light at the end of the tunnel! 

I hope you have a wonderful day.. I'll be back soon! 


K Jaggers
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