Happy Sunday!

Sunday, June 23, 2013
Happy Sunday Friends! I hope you are having a wonderful start to the day. I am just waking up and trying to figure out what the plans are going to be. Yes I know its in the afternoon. I got up at 1030 and have been dozing on and off every since. We haven't been doing many summer activities with moving. Its still going to be a busy week for us. Scott is taking Jackson to his dads on Wednesday..I have an apt that day and can't go. Then Thursday Romeo gets fixed.. and hopefully this next weekend we will head off to a waterpark or zoo with Zane and Brittany and Zane.. Scott just got back from playing golf and is currently filling up water balloons on the back porch. It takes a long time to fill up enough balloons for 3 kids and then in less that 2 or 3 minutes its over. I do plan on doing a little more unpacking but I am almost to the point of saying - Screw It - if there are still unpacked boxes.. clearly that is not the stuff we use every day and it can wait! I am getting really burned out with this big move that I am ready to be done with it. Its been truly exhausting. I actually feel pretty grumpy today so I am going to have to wake up and get in a better mood! I am just having trouble waking up today. I think this big ass move has finally caught up with me. I'll be back soon with a video! 


K Jaggers
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