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Monday, June 3, 2013

I know I haven't been a very good bloggy person the past few days but so many things have been going on that I have barely opened my laptop. We got Zane and got back home last night and today I got GABBY!! She is on a lot of meds and I am not sure what happened to her.. honestly the Vet doesn't really know what happened but her blood work is looking better and she was able to come home. She looks like she is back to her old self. I am so relieved. 

So when we got home from our big trip.. mom had a ton of the house packed up! Ha!! She kicks ass... and in just a few minutes we are heading back up to the second floor and finish my closet. Also mom sold her house and has to go home and pack up again.. wow.. but we are all doing great and I will be back as soon as things calm down. Mom is really wanting to help me get the house packed up and that's exactly what she is doing. I have some videos that will be popping up and I also have a travel vlog that will be showing up soon too. Please just bare with me during this very busy time in the Jaggers family!


K Jaggers

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