Confessional Friday!

Friday, June 28, 2013

I am linking up today with Blonde Ambition for Confessional Friday! Hope you enjoy!
I confess...

Todays Confessional Topic is Pet Peeves.. Here's my list.. in no particular order! 

The Coffee Pot
I make the coffee e-v-e-r-y night and I expect for there to be a cup of coffee for ME in the mornings. If you drink it all... MAKE MORE! 

I would appreciate if you are going to have a dog ( like us ) that you don't just let it roam around unleashed. My yard is NOT your dogs bathroom. and most dogs scare me. Please keep your pets leashed or confined. 

Office Whores
Yep.. I said it. Ladies ( and guys ) if you know one of your co-workers is married or in a would be nice if you could just step back. Stop with the boobs out.. heavy perfume.. and disgusting tactics on breaking up families. It didn't happen to my family but I watched it happen to over 3 couples when Scott was at a different dealership. It was mind blowing how twisted those girls got. 

In this house, its like a super duper secret mission if Scott and I want to have a private conversation. The kids are always listening to us even when we are behind closed doors.. outside.. or even in the shower. I hate the lack of privacy with the kids. I really hate it. Little ears are every where and now my daughter is all into social media and will record things on her camera too. Perfect. Zane is pretty good at it too. Yea. Why didn't baby class go into this more!? We have actually sat in the car to have talks where we know they can't hear us. 

Parking Spots
I am so tired of the stores making the parking spots smaller..and smaller.. and smaller. It ridiculous. It's hard to get into them...its hard to get out.. and my doors get dinged up more because the spaces keep getting smaller. Have you noticed it? 

Empty Bottles
I hate.. I seriously hate getting into the shower thinking I have everything I need...only to find empty bottles that the kids have left in there. It really pisses me off. I hate getting the floor wet. I hate being cold. And I hate that the kids are too lazy to take the empties out. 

I hope you have a great Friday! 

K Jaggers

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