Weekend in Review { RAIN EDITION }

Monday, May 6, 2013

It has rained here for days on end. Most of the time, I love the rain but I was really hoping to enjoy some outside time this weekend....which did not happen.

Husby quit his job on Friday morning so he was here all weekend with us! It was nice having him home but honestly, being around the 2 boys who were going stir crazy all weekend was a little much! Like I said, the damn rain just kept coming down. Friday night we didn't do much except watch

which I will be reviewing soon!

Before I knew it, Saturday was here and I just didn't drag myself out of the bed. Instead I slept in..

and when I did finally get up, I really didn't do much at all. I pretty much laid around all of Saturday and waited on the Kentucky Derby to come on!

And they are off!

Isn't it amazing how well HD TV picks things up!? 
And as you can see, it was a wet day back home too!
Orb took the race by storm...
And WON! 
He wasn't my pick but I am glad the race went off good and none of the horses or jockeys got hurt. 

I did manage to cook up a little dinner on Saturday! 
I just went with chicken and rice because it was easy and yummmmy! 
Scott spent most of the day....

He really stayed busy with it too..

That closet is just ironed stuff.. he's got another closet too! I think he was just excited about starting his new job today and wanted to be as organized as possible for this week. But he will not stay so organized...it's just not his way most of the time! 

Scott also did all the laundry this weekend which I LOVED!

But the kitty cats were not making it easy on him....can you find the kitty!?

LargeIt didn't take long for me to call it a night and find my way to a hot bath. I pretty much pondered how I could have possibly let the entire day go without doing anything. Instead I was pretty tired and moody. Jackson and Scott both kinda got on my nerves throughout the day. Jackson has been a handful because he is starting to try to make Scott out to be the good cop and me the bad cop! Yea, that shit won't work so its been a challenge trying to show him that Scott and I parent him TOGETHER. If I say no.. Scott won't say yes. And vice versa. I just had enough of it come Saturday night. Instead of yelling all night long, I just gave up and went to bed! I figured we could deal with it on Sunday. 

And before I knew it, Scott was waking me up digging for the car keys in my purse Sunday morning. Again.. Not exactly I planned on waking up.  I got up, made a quick breakfast....

and watched it rain even more. 
Its so green and lush but it just rained.. rained.. and rained.. 

Then I wanted to work on the blog for a while. So I had the template up and open.. I was looking through the code.. making changes and then I get up to get a drink and a snack. And that really SCREWED UP MY SUNDAY. 

Because I walk back in the room and see one of the kittens walking across my laptop.

I don't even think I can explain how bad that kitten messed up my template. The funny thing is, he not only made a ton of changes but also managed to step on the mouse pad and saved it for me. How sweet right!? I thought I had my template backed up.. but nope.. I basically had to remove the entire template.. re install it.. then make all the changes I wanted in the code again.. not to mention, I had to go back and add all my widgets. I was so  pissed. It took hours on end to fix it. Probably about 5 hours total. Its crazy how much goes into setting up a blog. The problem was somehow the kitten changed a lot of the code.. I don't know what buttons he pushed but all I could do was sit here and try to get it fixed.  code and it was almost impossible for me to fix. I wanted to cry. Scott was offering to help in anyway but there was nothing I could do but sit here and keep trying. 

Guess that took my mind off the serious rain we were having. 

I ran out in the evening to get some beer for husby and it was pouring then too. It never stopped. 

Thankfully after we got back home, husby made dinner while I continued to work on the blog..  

He fried up some ham steaks.. made some mashed potatoes and green beans to go with it. I really was really thankful for his help even though I was a total grump. I finally made it upstairs about midnight. I took a very shower and then made up with the kitty in question.. 

No way I can stay mad at this cute baby! However... I learned my lesson and will not leave my HTML template open and walk out of the room again! 

I couldn't sleep last night.. nope. I was tossing and turning until after 4am. You know what I am talking about.. looking at the clock over and over agonizing about the alarm going off in about 3 hours. Scott woke up late.. can you believe that!? We all did.. so we were all rushing around the house trying to get things ready to get out the door. I had to to take husby to work today which wasn't so fun. I didn't like the long ass drive but I hope he really enjoys it there. Its a really nice dealership ( sorry for blurring out the name! ) but he hasn't ever worked for Volkswagen before so I think it will be great experience for him. And lets face it.. Volkswagen makes some pretty nice cars! I wonder what he will drive home!?  (:

Did you notice it finally stopped raining!!!! Well, I shouldn't get too excited because the weather says thunderstorms are possible and likely. But at I didn't have to drive in it this morning. 

So as you can see, my weekend was pretty shitty. But I am going to try to brush it off and move on to a better week! 

Happy Monday! 

K Jaggers

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  1. I'm pretty tired of the rain, too. At least we weren't out camping in it this weekend!
    You weren't going to do anything else the day the kitty had her blog moment, were you? (Ha, ha!) She is very pretty! :)

  2. AnonymousMay 06, 2013

    Have a great rest of the week! Love the blog!
    stop by some time


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