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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Eloquent Graffiti

Hello! I am linking up with Kate from over at Eloquent Graffiti for this fun link up! Just incase you want to link up the rules are really simple..

Tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. :)

Hope you enjoy! This week it's about our jobs.. My job is a stay at home wife and mother and this is what it entails and all my housewife thoughts! (:

 I am so addicted to CNN that it's on 99% of the day and night around our house.. not to mention the damn Jodi Arias trial. I can't help but to watch every moment . And now the jury has been deliberating for 15 hours. I don't know what they are going to decide but it should be really interesting.OMG.. while I was writing this post.. a verdict has came in and it will be read at 430 Eastern Time. Wonder what type of day it's going to be for Jodi Arias?????

Running a in home cattery is not so easy.. and  Willow here → is the bitchiest pregnant cat I have ever been around. Just walking by her she growls.. and seems to hate everything right now. Fingers crossed the birth is nothing like Gabbys where we had to pay a  fortune for a c-section.

I kinda backed into the garage and brushed up against the deep freezer. Opps. I thought I had  plenty of room backing up. Thankfully I was going super slow and didn't cause any damage to the car. I seriously wouldn't want to have to listen to my husband go and on about it. 

.Growing my hair could seriously chop it all off again but I am doing my best to grow it for that husband of mine. I figure since he has to look at me all the time, he gets a vote! I just need it to grow 2 or 3 more inches and I will be much happier! How long should that take!?

I seriously hate my neighbor. They totally get on my nerves and are always rude except to my husband. WTF? I guess they get the point that I am tired of their dog using our yard for a bathroom and lets not forget their yappy dogs are my 6am wake up call EVERY MORNING. I can't wait to move. Maybe we need a country house because I don't want to deal with this again. 

I felt bad for not being in Indiana yesterday. I was hoping to see my older son who lives with his grandparents.. I was also hoping to see Brittany Belle and my grandmother. But it probably was for the best.  I hate that city and state but there are still people there that I love and miss. 

My family is driving me nuts to share the coke reward points and I don't. Nope.. they are all mine! I get all kinds of goodies with them and there are very few items the boys would want anyway. Guess that's me being selfish but I do the planning, the shopping, I put everything all way, I pay for it all, and I do the cooking. Who else really should get those points? 

I know my son is being sucked in by the xbox and I don't do that much about it. I do try to get him to go outside and play more but he just doesn't want to. And then with kidnappings like those 3 women who were just found, I don't know if I want him going outside or not.  I do know I am going to have to take some kind of stand against it. It sure is different now though. I use to always go outside and play and none of my kids want anything to do with it

I have 4 redbox movies that have been sitting here for days that I have been too lazy to return. Perfect huh? I am going to try to remember to take them back later today...or tomorrow...or the next day. (:

I still have the same bad habits that I had hoped to end before May. I curse....I smoke.. I drink too many soft drinks and not enough water.. and I am not motivated in anyway to exercise and I have a major sweet tooth. I am falling really short New Years Resolutions. Hopefully something will change soon! 

I am flying my kids this summer back and forth from my house to their dads and back again alone. It scares me to death but they have been doing it for a while now. I almost get sick when they board. But driving has big risks too so idk.. I seriously pray out loud many times before they land. And this time they will be on separate planes coming and going.. they won't be flying together. I think my mom might fly with Brittany if we can get the dates matched up.. but Jackson is for sure flying alone. He's not scared but I am! 

I need to get to the dentist. I broke a piece of tooth off and I know I am going to have to get something done. But I hate going and I have to take medication just to go. I get so scared with those metal power tools in my mouth. Husby keeps insisting I just do to find the courage first. 

Photo: Who says you can't buy flowers for yourself!!? Purchased by me for me!!!(:

I bought myself some some pretty roses today. Who says you can't buy flowers for yourself! Purchased by me for me! (:
I do live a very blessed life that I am so grateful for. I have been able to be stay at home wife and mother for years. I am blessed with a husband who is as cat crazy as I am who doesn't mind living in a cattery! Brittany and Jackson are growing up right before my eyes and I am so lucky to be their mother. I have an older son I don't really talk to much but I hope that changes soon. He had some problems and needed more than I could give when I was 19. But we all miss him so much and I can't wait to hold him in my arms. It will be one of the best days of my life when that happens. I have 2 wonderful step children [ and we don't use step to refer to any of the kids but I want to explain for you guys!  ] that I love and adore. We have 2 grandchildren who are so cute..  I couldn't imagine going through this complicated life with anyone else but Scott. He does piss me off at times but he makes me smile more than anyone else and is really my best friend. I have a wonderful support system with my mom, my grandma, my girlfriends.. I feel really blessed because I didn't think this would be my life. Gods plans were bigger and better than my own. Life is good. 

K Jaggers

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  1. I just want you to know that I'm a new follower, but, I love your blog...i love how refreshingly honest you are....and yes, my tv is always on CNN....have a Blessed Day.

    1. Thank you so much. I don't really hide anything.. I've been a open book for years! (: I don't know what it is about CNN but its like an addiction for me! I am following you back too! Hope you have a night! ♥

  2. so glad you joined the link up! there was so much i could relate to it was making me laugh a lot. i have been growing my hair out for almost 3 years now and while you would think it would be down to my hips by now, no, it still hasn't even cleared my boob area. talk about lazy. redbox is the whore of all the earth. they lure you in with their $1.00 knowing that you won't have a reason to go back to the grocery store/walgreens where you bought it for another 4 days and then they get more money out of you. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

    1. Thank you for hosting it! I had a lot of fun writing/bitching about everything! I totally agree that redbox is a BIG WHORE and I need to get them returned before I own the movies! Have a great night! (:

    2. YES!! Then they text you free promo codes knowing that even though it's "free" you will still pay them at least $5, ridiculous!Says the girl with a Redbox in her purse...oops

  3. I say you go girl with the Coke points! You've earned them! I also drink too much pop and not enough water. Ah well. Love that you bought flowers for yourself! And I'm also thankful to discover "The Truth is..." meme from you. Thank you!

  4. Hey--what the heck--imagine how boring the world would be if we were all perfect!! Yup I still smoke--but I figure that is the only bad thing I still do and I want one thing that people can bitch about!!


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