Sweaters & Tea

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Its pretty cool here today. Instead of feeling like spring, its feeling like fall. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I have been bundled up all day drinking warm beverages. I am seriously thinking when the sun goes down that we are going to need the fireplace. 
Well, Jackson woke up with no fever. I  didn't take him right into school, instead I let him stay home for a while until I knew he was better. He still has a runny nose, a cough and he just feels bad. However, he's missed enough school that I made him go for a few hours. He's back in bed right now. Scott got up and headed into work but he called and said he was on the way to the Dr. and then coming home. WOW.  What happened with the boys!? I think Jackson brought something home from school and gave it to Scott. By the grace of God, I haven't been sick. Scott is now headed to the pharmacy and then probably coming home and going back to bed. Its probably going to be a very quiet house tonight. 

Everything went on just fine with me not being in Indiana today. I really wanted to go but it's ok. I will handle things from here and get up there when I can. I don't even think I will be coming up this year because we are flying Brittany and Jackson back and forth for the summer. Maybe the boys getting sick was a blessing of sorts...because if not I would be in the car on a 6 hour car trip right now, coming home. I have to admit, the couch is a lot more comfortable! 

I have a bunch of stuff I should be doing today but I am so off schedule. I hate it when things don't go as planned. Scott always says if its not in my planner, I can't do it. Ha! I think he might be right. When anything happens off schedule it totally messes me up. Check out all the shit on my desk waiting on me.. I really don't want to sit down and go through it all.. including the bills but its not going to take care of itself! 

The kittens have been going crazy today. They are about ready to move out. Its so hard saying goodbye to them. And because I love them so much I have been letting them have a little fun with an open window... even though its cold out!

* Love the kitties climbing on my leather chairs...NOT!  But he's too damn cute to get mad at! 

* Rocco in the second picture on the left might just be staying! 

* The big boy ( bottom left ) follows me everywhere! 

* Love love the little female trying to climb up the screen...Sigh.

* And now half the stuff on my desk is on the floor. Thanks kitty cats. 

But they are cute aren't they!? (:

SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's raining again. I wish Scott would get home because I know he's feeling terrible and just wants to be in bed. Its been raining here for days on end. At least on the upside everything is lush and green. I changed out of jeans and put on a pair of sweats and plan on getting in the kitchen soon to start dinner. I figure it will be easier to get things done earlier around here tonight. With Scott's hours we always eat without him or eat really late. So at least I can get everything done early. I don't even know for sure if either of them will eat tonight but I am cooking anyway because I am starving. 

I have a movie review coming up along with some other posts. Stay tuned! 


K Jaggers
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