Sunday Social

Sunday, May 12, 2013
Sunday Social

Happy Sunday Friends! Time for another Sunday Social! I hope you enjoy! 

1. 1 year ago I was doing ….

Pretty much the same thing I am doing now. Being married, raising kids, breeding Persian cats and blogging! I have been a stay at home wife and mother for a long time now...not every day is exciting but I love being home with my family. 

2. 5 years ago I was doing …. 

I was living in Ohio in a historical house in a historical village. Seriously.. You can check it all out right  here . I swear our house was haunted by ghosts. The scary thing is, it was a actually a Dr's office back in the civil war time.. We all had werid experiences there but the area we lived in was really neat. We moved because I just got too scared to live there. Scott was working at a small country dealership and we were just starting the cattery. I got our precious cat Gabby during that time too! 

3. 10 years ago I was doing….

My best to get out of a bad relationship. I was dating a guy who was a complete mess. I was freshly divorced and completely lost. The boyfriend relationship was horrible and eventually I did get out. I was alone for a few months working on myself and trying to get my head right when Mr. Wonderful showed up and has been walking beside me for 10 years now.

4. 1 year from now Ill be doing…

Who the hell knows!? I really hope to be in Florida with all the kids. I have pretty much talked my ex husband into moving in the next 2 years..I think it would be nice if we could both agree on living in the same state to make it easier on the kids and us. I don't want him as my next door neighbor but it would be nice to not have the transportation issues as we have now. And it would be nice if both kids could have both their parents at the same time. I hope to still be happily married with happy healthy kids and still documenting our lives in every way possible.  My son will be 18 years old at this point. My wish is he would pick up the phone and call me. My mom has the same wish. We keep waiting and I guess we will wait forever if we have to. We don't want to have to go through other people to have a relationship with him. We just want him.  He's very missed. 

I also hope I am happy with my hair at this point too. I hate growing it out and even showed husby this picture of  Frankie from The  Saturdays last night and told him I loved it and seriously thinking about getting it cut. His response....Your not 20 years old anymore. WOW. I have had my hair cut this way before around age 19! I love it.. but I am trying to grow it out again which is so frustrating!

5. 5 years from now ill be doing…. 

Well I will have a 16 year old daughter at that point so I will probably be running around chasing after her!!! And Jackson will be 15....I will also have a 22 year old son. WOW.. I FEEL OLD! I hope to be moved south, have found a home I love, love, love to have all the kids there with us....and I honestly think I would like to get some kind of little part time job. Who would have guessed right!? Maybe at a makeup counter in a department store or I could go the bakery route but I don't like early mornings. I would hope I would still be blogging at this point too! And hopefully this is the time I will come out of the Jaguar and go into a convertible Mini Cooper!

6. 10 years from now ill be doing

In 10 years I will be 47 years old. I PRAY that my marriage lasts for 20 years. That would be freaking awesome! I hope all the kids are healthy and happy. Also by this point I hope to be traveling more.I would love if  we have found a church that we enjoy and working hard on enjoying more time with each other because all the kids will be older at this point. I also hope to have a little more money saved than what we do. We spend more than we save. Maybe by this point my relationship with my father is better than what it is now too. I just hope for a happy healthy life making tons of great memories. 


Happy Mothers Day! 

K Jaggers
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  1. I had to laugh at your comments between you and your hubby about getting your hair cut. I took a big gamble once and cut my hair short and my hubby hated it. I could tell by his facial expression and then he out and out told me he hated it. That really stung. Happy Mother's Day! Enjoy.


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