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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Happy Sunday Friends! I am just waking up and starting my day. I don't understand a Sunday where you can't sleep in and enjoy yourself! My mom kept calling from about 10am on.. finally when I answered the phone, I said it better be very important if you are waking me up early on a Sunday. Come to find out, she was at the airport getting ready to fly to Indiana! Yep...good reason for waking me up! She knows, I always want to talk to her and tell her that I love her before she ever gets on any plane. Be safe mom!!! 

No one around our house today is in any kind of hurry. Scott just got up and hopped in the shower and Jackson is laying in my bed dozing on and off watching cartoons! We don't have any big plans for today or even tomorrow. Husby has to work on Memorial Day but Jackson and I will be here waiting on him to get home! I packed up a lot of my makeup and bedroom last night! I am going to get as much packed as I can before we leave for New Orleans on Friday. 

I have some videos that will be popping up in just a bit so stay tuned! 

Happy Sunday! 

K Jaggers
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