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Sunday, May 5, 2013
Good Morning Friends! I hope you have a wonderful Sunday. It has been raining here all night long and I am  just up long enough to let the dog out for a minute and get a cup of yummy coffee. Its weird because I just don't sleep that well. I was up really late last night and then I only sleep a couple of hours before I am up again. I will probably fall asleep again while the rest of the house is quiet.
 Scott had a little bit too much to drink last night and has been sleeping really well. He's in the guest room because he was snoring so bad. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I know he can't help it but I can't sleep with him in my ear making loud noises of any kind! Plus the kittens are in here with me and that also screws with our sleep. But its a quiet morning around here.. I cracked my window and the rain is really coming down. Pretty peaceful.

Our day will probably be pretty easy. Scott has been ironing like crazy trying to get things ready for starting his new job on Monday. I am sure it will feel good to be organized to start a new chapter. He's pretty excited too. Its a nice nice dealership and a much bigger role for him. He's going to be selling Volkswagens and that big nice company was featured on Forbes Magazine this month with some great numbers about how the big the organization is getting. We both have been praying a lot about what we should or shouldn't do....where we should live... what kind of house we want to live in.. what kind of schools we want for the kids...what about the local churches?? And now we almost feel like we are being guided so I am going to take this change and run with it. I want to move as soon as possible. We were talking to night about making the first of July the target date for moving out. We are about to get really serious in househunting. I was thinking city for a while, but you know what?? I am being pulled to a country house with some property. Again.. I am going to pray, pray, pray ,  and see what house we come up with. Hopefully God will guide us in the right direction on that too. Its strange because the older I get, the more I pray. I guess I know the miracles in prayer and I know now how important it really is. My goal is to pray more in the mornings before I get out of the bed. Just taking a few minutes to ask God to bless my family and my day. I think it could be life changing. 

We might have to do worship in the living room today with Joel Osteen...its totally thunderstorming right now and the lights are flickering on and off.  Perfect.

I am thinking I will DVR Joel Osteen and then doze back off for a bit..hopefully the boys will sleep in too.  I am thinking I might get lucky and fall back to sleep with a thunderstorm, dark room, sleeping kitty cats, and a bed that feels like a big fluffy cloud. → Sounds like a plan to me! ←

Happy Sunday! 

K Jaggers
5 comments on "Sunday Inspiration.."
  1. There is just something about taken dogs out and a cop of coffee :) Found you on Let's get social Sunday! Newest follower :) You can find me painting, decorating and baking at HickoryTrail

  2. Nice to meet you! I am following you back now! Cant wait to get to know you better! Happy Weekend!

  3. I have trouble sleeping when my husband snores too. Thankfully it doesn't happen too often, but there have been times that it's kept me awake for HOURS.

    Thanks for linking up with the Lazy Sunday hop :)

    1. It will keep me up all night long! And sometimes it even wakes me up. But that's what the spare bedroom is for! Have a great week!

  4. Love the quote and I absolutely love Joel, I have all his books and more sermons on cd than I can count. I have gave some away so that others can be blessed. Great post! Visiting from SSS hop. New follower on twitter, G+ and GFC.


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