Sick Family

Monday, May 6, 2013
What a night. Jackson came home from school sick.. he's had a high fever all evening but its finally coming down a little. The strange thing is Scott is sick too. I don't know what got into those boys but they are both really feeling under the weather. We were suppose to head out tonight to go North  but there was no way. I am probably going to have to take both of them into the Dr. tomorrow. Scott is already scheduled to be off  but I pretty much already talked him into staying here and working being its only his second day at his new job.. He looked HORRIBLE when he walked through the door and went straight to bed. I am going to have to make other arrangements for missing my appointment  which won't be easy but I did speak to my older son and he realizes that things happen sometimes. 

I have everything packed up for a day trip to Indiana but its all getting unpacked and put back up in the next few minutes so I can use it to take a bath and I will deal with things tomorrow. Thankfully I know I can always reschedule and that's just what is going to have to  happen. I am just waiting to get sick next. I was tired all day from packing and getting things ready but I don't feel sick thank goodness. I didn't even cook tonight after running the store. Neither of them wanted dinner at all. But the boys being sick sure messes with the plans. There is no way I can leave Jackson here sick without me. We don't have family here that could watch him and I wouldn't feel right anyway leaving him while he is sick. Its a little disappointing because I did want to go.. even if it was only for the day. I wanted to see Jordan but he understands. These plans were kinda private but I was excited. I wanted see my grandma too. But I will still be making the trip as soon as I get the dates changed. 


Time to go check on a couple of sick boys. ):

K Jaggers
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