Our Sunday...

Sunday, May 19, 2013
So I have really been wanting to move for the past 6 months or so but...I am never going to find a house if I don't go out and look. I slept in till about 1140 and now its time to get cleaned up and head out. Wonder if we will find our house today!? Husby is in the shower getting ready and I am still stuck here on the couch with a cup of coffee watching the news. Yea, not ready to go yet..still trying to wake up. We are heading more towards husby's work.. and see what we find. I will be taking video and I will share with you the houses we came across that I will post later tonight or tomorrow. I do want to find a house but the daunting task of finding a house is not so easy and I really don't want to go do it...however, I won't find a house sitting on my butt! 

Shit!! The shower stopped!! I have go to get cleaned up! I'll be back later tonight! 


K Jaggers

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