New Family...New Love

Saturday, May 25, 2013
It was another sad but happy goodbye Thursday. We found an amazing home for this quiet female kitten. She went with Mr. and Mrs. Wedding. They actually called yesterday and said the kitten was hiding a lot so we told them to get her and put her in a small space such as a bathroom with her food and litter for a few days. Well they did that.. and this morning they said " she was a totally different cat. " They even had her a plate made at breakfast with a little egg, toast and jelly! Ha! The kitten was just scared and tired. But she is fitting right into her new family well today. I don't think she understands how good her life is going to be. No kids chasing her around. Very wealthy owners who intend on spoiling her rotten! When their last cat died they had it cremated and had a professional headstone made for it and it sits in the east part of the yard. Yea.. they will take very good care of them. The wife is starting to deal with memory problems but I think the kitten will help her. Studys have shown people who have Alzheimer's disease and dementia do better with pets. So I hope she helps her too. They were so happy this morning when I called to check on the kitty.. see, this is why I do it. Its so rewarding to share something I love so much with another person. I don't just sell the kittens to anyone can afford it.. I truly seek out the best home possible for each one of them. And I couldn't be happier where this one ended up! And I think they are going to name her Precious. That's funny because I named my first cat Precious myself.. and I think it would be perfect for this kitty too! (:

Only one left.. and I don't really want to sell him.. so who knows! 


K Jaggers
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