Thursday, May 23, 2013
Good Morning Friends! I don't have long to blog so I had better hurry! In just a little while Scott and I are heading south to take the kittens to show a new buyer! They are an elderly couple and want to see both kittens. And he was very forward in telling me that he is well off..his house takes up a block and he service personnel that are there from 7 to 7. WOW.. So I have to get cleaned up in a few minutes and head out. Its never easy saying goodbye to a kitten but I love making other people smile...and any time I put a kitten in someones arms, they always smile! I hope its a great day. I am also trying to get into the house today that I liked. Scott thinks we will get into the house he likes but I like the idea of having a back up. I finally put in the notice that we are moving and honestly, I don't think the owner liked it much! Hopefully all goes well with her but we are moving no matter what. Honestly, I should be getting boxes and packing things up but I have been pretty lazy about it. I think this weekend I am going to get started and use the dining room to store the boxes in. We have a lot of stuff and its going to take a while to get this place ready to move. And the little kids can help finish things up. 

Its going to be a busy day for me with husby off work... I will be back when I can later this afternoon! I plan on taking the camera with me today and vloging our day...and I will hopefully have that up later tonight. I have LOTS of videos coming up.. I have a couple more hauls...and I have some really interesting reviews coming up too! And if you have a video suggestion.. you can always hop over to my Contact Page and fill out the simple form! 

If you haven't checked out the latest giveaway...hurry over here for your chance to win this adorable apron! I think its really cute and one of you lucky readers will win it for yourself! Its one size fits all. And you can also find the form in the sidebar! 

Get Entered & Good Luck! 

I hope you have wonderful day. 

K Jaggers

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