Late Saturday Start..

Saturday, May 11, 2013
Afternoon friends. It really feels like morning to me because I just got up about 20 minutes ago. It felt soooooooo good sleeping in! The cats woke me up a bunch of times but I was able to drift back off for a while. Its pretty cloudy outside and dark.. because guess what? MORE RAIN. I kid you not. I am not so sure it's ever going to stop. I love the rain but 8 days straight is a little much! 

Here is today's to do list.. Husby gets off at 6pm and will be home by 7. Even though its only early afternoon.. time is going to fly by. 

* I have to run to a friends house in just a little while. I was going to head over there last night but that didn't happen. Should be quick though. 

* I also need to stop by the grocery store. Not really wanting to do that either but I have to. You know....sugar, butter, and lets not forget Jackson's snack foods.I have a kitchen with a bunch of food in it, yet he is always telling me he can't find nothing! I guess that's a typical kid. 

* I might even stop by CVS. I have about $15 in extra care bucks and I need to get a few things so maybe I can get that in too. If not, it can wait. 

* I need to get all the laundry that is folded on the loveseat put away. Why is that always the hardest job? Next up, sheets. Does it ever end?

* I need to start going through the kitty applications and maybe even do an ad in the paper. Can you believe we have 2 more upcoming litters!? Guess that means I need to get their page updated this weekend too!

* Speaking of kitties, I need to go around to all the boxes and scoop.. not a fun job at all. /: But its one of the prices I have to pay to breed cats. 

* Either today or tomorrow I have a bunch of windows I want to wash. Even though I don't plan on being in this house long, I still want to be able to see out! 

* My bathroom seriously needs mopped. That is also happening this weekend. 

* And I got to figure out what I am cooking tonight! 

So that's all my plans for today. What's yours!?

I am sure some unexpected things will come up! I am going to get cleaned up and head out! 

Have a great weekend! 


K Jaggers

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