Its Ok Thursday

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Its Ok Thursdays
Happy Thursday Friends! There are only a couple weeks left of this linkup..): But sometimes a fresh change is nice! 

Hope you enjoy! 

Its Ok...that yesterday I said goodbye to one of my babies. I miss him but I know he will be happy and loved in his new home! 

Its Ok...that I am still kinda sleepy, even though I slept off an on all day yesterday. Need more coffee! 

Its Ok...that husby thinks he found our new house and I think he is nuts. Its about $100 more a month and I don't think its near as nice as the house we are in. BUT...its 5 bedrooms and that would be extremely nice. I might go have a look! 

Its Ok.. that they found Jodi Arias used extreme cruelty in the murder of Travis Alexander. Not like we all weren't thinking that already. Tomorrow they start hearing from the families who want her to either live or die. Her mom is expected to testify and his family is also expected. I think now they are probably going to kill her. But that will take years and she will appeal.. appeal.. appeal. I feel sorry for both the families. She tore them all apart and now her own mom will probably lose her child. How sad.

Its Ok..that I think I offended the yard guys when I raced out of the garage in a hurry yesterday without thanking them. Does everyone go out each time and thank their yard guys? I had already paid so I didn't worry about it. I had other things going on. 

Its Ok..Scott switched his jobs. He really seems to love it there and he is learning so much about their cars and programs. Its great experience and to be very honest, he had a much better payday this week. Gotta love that. But even more.. hes happy and that's what matter most. 

Its Ok.. Jackson is home today. I didn't mind not waking up to my alarm.. and he doesn't mind being home. I seriously don't understand his school. 

Its Ok...We are heading out to Louisiana in a matter of weeks to pick up Zane. Summer is coming! What is going to kind suck is Brittany and Zane are going to be here while Jackson still has school. He's not going to to like that one bit. 

Its Ok...Yesterday in my sleepy fog, I bought some makeup from CVS I am not sure about. Come back later today to see the haul!! Hopefully I like what I picked out! 

Its Ok..that it feels like Saturday to me because Jackson is home today. Weird..

Its Ok that laundry is piling up yet again. I am hoping with the nice weather, I can hang some out to dry tomorrow. I am going to do my best to get it caught up in the next few days. 

Hope you have a wonderful day!

K Jaggers
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