It's Ok Thursday!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Its Ok Thursdays
Happy Thursday Friends! I hope you have a great day! 

It’s Ok that my schedule has just been crazy the past couple of days. I just need to start sleeping better and everything would be fine. 

It’s Ok that I didn't do shit around the house yesterday. I really am grateful for being home and getting to make that decision sometimes. 

It’s Ok that my the kittens have made a huge mess in my bathroom floor. You wouldn't think something so cute would be so messy! Getting it cleaned up is on today's to do list. 

It’s Ok that I think Elisabeth Hasselbeck is leaving The View. The last few days Jenny McCarthy has been co-hosting and Elisabeth seems totally uncomfortable. Rumor is she is too right wing and they want her out. I didn't believe it until lately she has been acting really strange. Have you noticed it?

It’s Ok that I didn't cook last night. Scott came home exhausted and Jackson had left overs. So  I stayed out of the kitchen! 

It’s Ok that I have needed ink for the printer for a while now. I hate paying for ink. I can never get mine refilled either. I am going to have to do it soon.. its crazy how much we use it. 

It’s Ok that its been raining forever because the woods behind our house are so green and lush. It's really pretty back there. Spring has arrived! 

It’s Ok that yesterday I watched the Jodi Arias from the time I woke up till 11:30 Eastern time. I don't know why I am so addicted to it. It was a long day because they were wrapping up testimony and tomorrow they start the closing statements. The Jury will have this case over the weekend. I so wonder what will happen. 
It’s Ok that we understand why Cooper hasn't been eating his dry food. One of the kittens has been using his big bowl of dry food for their litter box. Bhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Now that we know it, we put it up and bring it down but honestly the kitten is trying to do the right thing! 

It’s Ok that I have a bazillion phone calls to make and return. I am terrible about listening to VM messages. 
It’s Ok Jackson is going to see his dad this summer. I know how much he misses him but I am going to worry about him the entire time.  

It’s Ok that its raining again today. Isn't it time for May flowers yet!? 

It’s Ok that I am awake and feeling better today. Its amazing what a little sleep will do for you! 

It’s Ok that its getting time to find the kittens home. I have a bunch of applications that I need to consider. I don't want to say goodbye yet. ):

It’s Ok that I am going to stay home today. I don't want to leave at all! 

Hope you have a wonderful Thursday! 

K Jaggers
2 comments on "It's Ok Thursday! "
  1. It is all OK, isn't it? My foster puppies keep leaving little piddles everywhere, but it's OK. I love taking care of them before they find their forever home.

  2. That's too funny! Thankfully the kittens use the box!! But it is hard saying goodbye!


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