Thursday, May 30, 2013
Hi Late Night Friends! I guess you can tell it was a busy day for me with NO BLOG POSTS! I had one reader send in an email about 8pm wondering if I was ok! Seriously you guys.. You are the best readers a girl could ask for! (: Everything was good today.. I just stayed busy doing lots of stuff around the house including packing and cleaning. No so much fun but I got a lot done! I still have more to do tomorrow. Mom and Brittany are flying in about 9pm so I have to get things ready for both of them! I am so excited to be getting both my mom and my daughter tomorrow! Summer is here and I am super super super happy about it. In the evening hours I asked my mom who is in Indiana to stop by and give someone in our family a card because their birthday is right around the corner. Well, both Brittany and mom went with the cards in hand and basically was turned away. Mom handled it much better than I would have because I would broke down the damn door and pulled them out. I don't really understand what the problem was but I don't even care. Its petty.. and its stupid on their part because they have a HUGE LOVING FAMILY and are truly missing out. I honestly think the dark forces have took over and who knows what this person has told by others and such. It actually bothered Brittany more than my mom. She couldn't understand what she did wrong. She said she was mistreated a lot by this person in the past and she forgave them but she just couldn't make sense of being treated that way. Thank God for the heart that my daughter has. She is so loving and kind but I just explained that this person has mental issues and she already knew that. Its not easy teaching rejection to a 11 year old but life doesn't always happen the way we want it. What was really touching was when she said " I am going to pray for him mom. " How precious is that? My mom said, she felt good that she was able to see them for a second and hopes in the future things will work out with this family member. Honestly, we are not the ones who have pushed them away. Nope. Its the people that surrounds him that have done the pushing and influencing. I think it was almost funny when my mom was told that this person heard a voicemail she left and that's the reason they were so upset. I think thats laughable being I know many things they have done worse than a bitchy voice mail. That's just an excuse for disrespectful rude behavior. Period. We have been here with an open heart and open doors for years now and while we can offer... we can't drag them through it. So I am glad mom and Brittany went. And I hope that it works out in time and if it doesn't then that is the way its suppose to be and we accept it. But thank you mom and Brittany. I love you guys and mom.. I appreciate everything you do. I am so excited to have you guys coming tomorrow! Woooooooo-hooooooo! Scott is excited too. 

So tomorrow I have to finish cleaning and run a bunch of errands. Another busy day for me. I will try to blog a little but today I just got busy and said screw it! But I guess I should have jumped on here to just say hi so everyone knew I was ok! Its going to be really busy until at least Monday. Mom will be here until next Thursday..but I will still be packing and getting ready to move. So bare with me while we make some big changes! 

Hope you had a great day and I will be back tomorrow.. I promise! 


K Jaggers
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