Happy Saturday!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hello friends! It felt so good to sleep in today. Its crazy how a little sleep can go a long way. I still woke up feeling a little sore and achy but it was much better than the last few days. 

So today I am keep busy with figuring out schedules . getting things wrote out so we have a clear understanding of what we are doing when. God knows its not going to be easy to keep up with either. Plus we are in the middle of house hunting so everything is crazy around here. I also have to start rounding up boxes and packing. I plan on starting in my closet later and getting rid of bunch of stuff that I don't wear anymore. I think I am going to donate it in one of those little boxes that sit around town. Scott thinks I should pack up as much as possible so we can move out pretty fast after we find the right house. I also plan a run to CVS later to pick up a couple of forgotten items also they are suppose to be having a big makeup sale...so I got to check it out!  I am so lucky to have a husband that spoils me rotten. We shopped and shopped yesterday! It pretty much was a reward from raising and selling one of the kittens. We might do it again after we sell another but this time for the kids. I have also been searching online for some new cages for the cats but I haven't found what I am looking for yet. ): 

I have also been thinking about doing a new series about my favorite kitchen gadgets. A lot of my youtube friends have been suggesting I do it.. so I think I will!

Its raining again....perfect. Guess I will wait until it stops before I head out to do any shopping otherwise I am going to get soaked like I did last time I went shopping in the rain.

I have some freebies coming up so stay tuned!


K Jaggers
5 comments on "Happy Saturday!"
  1. Hi there!

    I slept in to. It's ok :)
    Stopping by to wish you a great weekend!


    1. Sometimes you just need the extra rest! Hope you have a great night.

  2. Watched your video of the CVS haul. Sleep shopping. I should use that excuse. LOL We are getting our fourth cat in a few more weeks from my dad. Hubby says we should stop at four! We have a long haired black cat and his long haired tabby sister and a color point short hair that is the sweetest big boy. The kitty we are getting is a mainly black female with one swatch of brown on her forehead and one white eyelid and she has long hair too. She's the cutest and biggest of the litter. I love cats!

    1. I was really tired while I strolling around CVS. I fell asleep..woke up and knew I had things I wanted to do.. including going to CVS. I was in the car maybe 5 minutes after waking up! I really was just sleepwalking around there! My husband thought I was full of shit but thankfully he didn't care! I can't say no to a kitten or cat either! But I am lucky that Scott loves them as much as I do! Thanks for commenting! Have a great night!

  3. I really was sleep walking around CVS!! I had dozed off.. woke up and left in a hurry, only to get there...do a little shopping and then I came back and fell right back to sleep! I wasn't in my right frame of mind! (: Right now we have 7 cats and its a little much! But we love breeding them! I want a black one too! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!


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