Happy Monday! [ Weekend in Review ]

Monday, May 20, 2013
Happy Monday to you all! I hope I don't sound too chipper for a Monday afternoon. I did get some sleep last night and feel pretty good today! (:  I have already been out to get breakfast and now I am trying to get my head around all I have to do today..tomorrow...this week.  Lots of stuff coming up...lots to figure out! 

Today's To Do List Includes..

* Get roast in the oven for dinner. 

* Put up all the laundry that has been living on the loveseat for days. 

* Film a few videos... including a new haul and review. 

* I need to call my sister...missing her!

* Running by a friends house in a bit. Hopefully it won't take long. 

* I need to mop the kitchen floor.

* Scoop the cat boxes.

* And of course, I don't want to miss a minute of the Jodi Arias trial that starts in about an hour. 

Now on to this weekend!

Husby woke me up with breakfast in bed which became breakfast at the computer! (:. Scott and I did some shopping which was fun!

Its funny to watch us shop.. he goes where he wants and I go where I want.. and then Scott is always coming up and asking me about his picks. He wanted his ugly orange tie that I said he shouldn't get... and I am still hearing that he should have got it. He should thank me because it was really ugly!

Sunday we took off and did some house hunting. It wasn't that much fun and both of us would have prefered to stay home but we went out for the day and searched for a new home. I vloged along the way!

We found 2 that we like.. so who knows! I will keep you guys posted! We got home.. I made some quick BLTS...


Perfect for a fast dinner. I actually fried an egg and put it on Jackson's BLT.. and he loved it.

Then we sat back for a while.. and watched the music awards.. Did any of you see the dance Nicki Minaj gave to  Little Wayne?

Check it out.. if you want.. jump to 2:40.

My 11 year old was watching this. I like her a lot but what did she want us to know that she would be a good stripper? I thought her hands coming between her legs was a little much. I will still watch probably but I won't let my kids watch this anymore. Nope. I have a 11 year daughter who just sucks everything in like a sponge.. and this is not what I want her watching and learning from. WOW.


I found my way in a hot bath pretty early last night. And I was actually asleep by 2am which was nice. 

We are going to be so busy really soon that I better enjoy it while I can! 

Hope you have a great week!


K Jaggers

2 comments on "Happy Monday! [ Weekend in Review ]"
  1. That BLT looks amaaaazing! Sounds like a great weekend indeed!

    1. Thank you! And it was tasty...have a great night!


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