Happy May! [ Goals & Upcoming Events ]

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Large* Moms Birthday is coming up on the 4th! Thank goodness for her wish list on Amazon because it sure makes things much easier!

* I'm taking New May Sponsors. Check out my media page for all the details! I also love swaps.. just email me at mrskishajaggers@gmail.com and we can swap buttons!

* Its been raining here for days and now everything is really lush and green. Its so pretty. 

* I just found out last night that the big kids are planning a trip here soon! Yay!! We miss them!

* Its time to get the heavy sheets off the bed and get all the heavy blankets washed and stored away for summer!

* Speaking of the kids.. Brittany and Zane get out of school on the 23rd.. and Brittany is flying down around the 26th. Then we have to drive to Louisiana to get Zane for the summer. All while Jackson is still in school here. He gets out in the middle of June.  The difference in schedules won't be easy but I can't wait to get all the little kids here! 

* Scott played golf today instead of working. Yay for him!! Its for charity. ♥ He actually won some pretty cool items! 

* How's the blog design working for you? I still need to work on the post explaining things.. but I hope you are finding it easy to get to all my posts.

* We are getting to the end of the case with the Jodi Arias trial. This month we will have a verdict. If I was her, I would be scared to death.

* My son who lives with his grandparents is turning 17 on May 31st. He is so very missed. Call or email your mom Jordan!

* May 10th The Great Gatsby comes to theaters .. I can't wait to see it!! If you don't know what I am talking about check out this post!

* Mothers Day is this month...again my moms wish wish makes it so much easier!

* Did any of you see Salma Hayek on Rachael Ray yesterday? She is adding even more products to her line and my reviews on a number of her products jumped liked crazy yesterday. If you want to check out some of those reviews click here! Super happy that she will be introducing some new products this month! Can't wait to test them out!

* Jackson has a progress report this month.. he better get good grades!

* All the signs are pointing to one of our other female cats being pregnant!! I don't know for sure yet but we could have more kittens very soon! 

* I need to continue to try to get the grocery bill down. We are going to have a full house this summer and we are going to have to make the most out of every penny. I also think I will start doing some more coupon posts. I have kinda died down on it a lot because I just felt it was too time consuming but I know a lot of you could use the deals too.

* I also need to try to not to break my phone this month. Do you know that last month it got broke not once, but TWICE. shittttttt!!!! You would think I would buy a case but I seriously how heavy they make the phones.

* Somehow I have to get back on a regular sleep schedule. Jackson still has about 7 more weeks of school. Last night I fell asleep about 430am....woke up at 730 to take Jackson to school. stayed up till 10am and then slept till about 10 minutes after 3. I couldn't beleive it and jumped out of the bed. But its ruined my entire day. I feel awful. 

* I am thinking I will shave the dog this month. The weather is getting warmer and he would be more comfortable with a haircut. But its such a big job that I might just take him to get shaved. Last time it took 5 long ass hours.

* The season finale of the Americans was tonight..Do any of you guys watch that show? I won't spoil the ending in case you still need to watch it but I think its an awesome spy kind of show. I can't believe we made it through 1 full season. 

* Maybe this month I will finally get my car washed! You would think this wouldn't be a problem with a husband in the car business but nope.. it hasn't been washed in months.. except by the rain! 

* I seriously need to make appointments for both the Dentist & Dr. God knows I don't want to go to either place but I need to just suck it up and go. 

* In the month of April two old friends and I connected. Alyce.. who has been a HUGE part of my life over the years. And my other friend Danielle and I spoke last night. Soooo happy to have these girls back in my life and I am sure we will chat up a storm in May! And I have to mention my good friend Shanna, I have the best support system a girl could ask for. I love you guys. 

* For some reason, I feel I have been running low on school supplies. I really want to go restock up on things. I don't know why but office supplies always puts a smile on my face! So maybe I will do a school supply haul in the coming weeks! 

* I was asked on youtube the other day if I had Hypergraphia. I had to look it up..here it is.. 

Hypergraphia is an overwhelming urge to write. It is not itself a disorder, but can be associated with temporal lobe changes in epilepsy, and hypomania and mania.

   * So yea.. maybe. it would make sense wouldn't it!? I do journal a lot and I want everything documented.I never really considered it a disorder though. 

* I am hoping my hair grows one full inch this month. It sucks trying to grow out a bob. I like shorter hair but my husband ( like most men ) likes long hair.. so for him I am growing mine back out. But I am going to have some layers. 


* I am really wanting to get signed up for a yoga class or start doing one here at home this month. I seriously need to do something and I think the stretching will feel nice. Summer is right around the corner and we have a move planned which will be a lot of work and we will also be swimming a lot. So I do plan on kicking up the exercise! 

* This month I also plan on researching vitamins to see which ones would benefit me. My joints are popping all the time when I go up and down the stairs. Plus I am always cold and low on energy.. maybe some type of vitamin increase could help with those issues.. I guess I am just getting old. 

* I am hoping the rest of my Avon stuff will be in this month.  I really hate how things go on backorder.

* I want to try to pray more in the mornings. I always pray at night but I seem to fall short with praying in the morning. I know prayer is powerful so why not ask God each morning to surround yourself with the white light of the holy spirit and to give you the best day possible. I am thinking that small prayer alone could be life changing. 

* Most of all this month I really want to show my family how much they mean to me. I want to take more time away from the silly computer and electronics and just focus on them. They are my everything and its important that they really know and feel it. 

I hope you guys have a great May!

K Jaggers
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