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Thursday, May 2, 2013

So today I am doing 2 linkups in 1! First off I am joining up for the first time with Kenzie from over at Chasing Happy! I think she is new to blogging so be sure to hop over to her blog and show her some love! And as normal I am linking back up with Stephanie over at The Vintage Modern Wife for this weeks Happies & Crappies. 

Hope you enjoy! 


I think our family is in for a big change this year! I can't talk about it yet, but good things are coming! 

 Scott had his birthday this past week! Loved that we got to spend it together. He's my everything. 

The kittens are growing up so fast. They bring a smile to everyone face in our home. If you don't like cats, you sure don't need to come visit! (: And we have another cat that might be pregnant! ( Please understand I breed cats, not being irresponsible. ) 

I love that I didn't have to wake up to the alarm clock Monday. I can't wait till summer when we don't have to be on a schedule! 

I found out that one of my friends whom I haven't talked to in a couple of months is doing ok. She has some big changes going on but I loved hearing that she is doing good. 
I My Elvis Cookies were a hit at husbys work. One guy even made a Thank you note and took a picture of himself with it because he loved them so much! In case you are wondering... the recipe is here

Celebitchy has kept me happy with keeping me up on all the gossip. I know its bad but I love it so much! 


 My sleep has been all screwed up. I hate it too because it makes my entire day suck if I either... Don't get enough sleep and/or  Not sleeping @ night and then sleeping all day long.

This damn Jodi Arias trial is totally screwing up everything too. I can't stop watching it. Today and tomorrow are the closing statements and you can bet I will be watching. She cries every time a death photo up goes up but it was at her own hand. SHE SHOULD SEE WHAT SHE DONE. 

A crazy person won't stop leaving me comments on here. All I can say is thank goodness for comment moderation. WTF? In all my years of blogging, this person has carried on.. They are my only " mean " reader so I guess I shouldn't complain but I wish they would just stop already. I don't answer to anyone other than  my husband, mother and kids. 

I left Scotts ice cream cake out on the table and forgot it.. It melted all over the table and we actually tried running with it back to the freezer.  Not only did we drip chocolate ice cream across the kitchen floor but the freezer too has a bunch of melted chocolate ice cream drizzled over it too. It's going to be hell to clean up. 

There's been no sunshine for a couple of days. Its weird because everything is lush and green but its been over cast and rainy for about a week now. Its even raining right now. 

I almost wrecked my car 2x this past week due to all that rain. I hydroplaned each time and it about scared to me to death. My husband was oh to kind to remind me what it costs to fix a wrecked Jaguar. Thanks Scott... like I didn't already know that. All you have to do is give my car a dirty look and it will come out expensive. Maybe I need new rain tires. Idk. 

My kitchen is a mess right now. I am currently making one of my grandmothers cakes which I will have on youtube tomorrow.  But I seriously need to go spend some time in there and get things cleaned up. 

I hope you have a wonderful Thursday! 

K Jaggers
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  1. Your kittens are adorable!! How many cats do you have, then, if you're breeding? It must keep you super busy!

  2. I can't wait until the say where I don't have to set an alarm clock!

    Found you through Pieces of Happy.
    Have a good weekend!



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