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Friday, May 10, 2013

So today I am doing 2 linkups in 1! First off I am joining up for the first time with Kenzie from over at Chasing Happy! I think she is new to blogging so be sure to hop over to her blog and show her some love! And as normal I am linking back up with Stephanie over at The Vintage Modern Wife for this weeks Happies & Crappies. 

Hope you enjoy!


I am super happy its Friday. I hate hate hate waking up to my alarm. So tomorrow and Sunday I get to sleep in which makes me VERY HAPPY!

I am happy that I already know what I am making for dinner...some nights its so hard to figure out what to make.

I am happy that I got a lot of the house cleaned already. I have been up since 7am working around here.. and I still have more to do.

I am happy that we will be house hunting this weekend! Yea!!! I want to move so badly!

I am also very happy that Scott started his new job with Volkswagen. I think he is going to do really well there. And they make some really nice cars!

I am not only happy but thankful for finding a man who loves cats as much as I do. God knows its can't be easy living with a crazy cat woman! Right now we have 8 cats total.. 1 litter is about to move out soon and we have 2 other litters on the way!!! Its bittersweet having them here for the first 3 months of their lives and then having to say goodbye.

I got $6 in extra care bucks today at CVS which really makes me very happy!

Jackson did great in school this week which was very nice and made me extremely happy! He has job which is to do good in school.. I don't think that's too much to ask.

I am happy that Scott woke up this morning and headed out to gas up my car. Gotta love that man!

I am happy that I have a bunch of girlfriends who don't mind hearing me bitch on a regular basis! Thank you ladies, I love you!

I am happy that there was Justice in the Jodi Arias trial. I am not sure what will happen to her but I honestly think she should sit in prison for the rest of her life to think about what she did to him. However, they may sentence her to die.

Last but not least.. these beautiful babies make me very happy! { Video Made Today! }


I broke my phone AGAIN. This is the 4th time this year. I can't believe it. I hate cases because I always find they are too heavy but maybe I am just going to have to deal with it. At least the phone still works. I am going to use it till its totally broke...which probably won't take long! Scott about died.. I seriously thought he might just strangle me when he saw it last night. But he didn't.. and even suggested I go get the iphone 5. 

Its been raining for days on end. I don't remember getting this much rain in a very long time. Its going to take a while for it to dry up....but it was just raining earlier. On the upside everything is really green and lush!

I am getting fed up with the boys and the microwave. I opened it up yesterday and it looked like bottle of pasta sauce blew up in there. No one cleaned it up.. instead they ate their food and waited on me. Grrrrrrrrrrr....

I still have a pile of stuff on my desk that I need to sort through. I hate that job but I am going to have to do it otherwise its just going to keep getting bigger.

Our hot water heater keeps going out. WTF? If we empty it.. it never heats back up. We have to go out into the garage all hours of the day and night to lite it.. It totally sucks waiting on it to heat back up. Again, happy we are moving soon. 

My last big job today is cleaning the kitchen. I am pretty sleepy right now and don't want to go in there at all. I didn't even cook so I don't really know where the mess came from but its waiting on me to clean it up. Maybe I should just let it wait for a while longer.

I haven't been sleeping that well and from what I hear, I've been a grump. With all I have done today I am sure by time Scott get's home, I am going to be really tired and probably grumpy. I should have took a nap today!

Our cable boxes have really been messing up and its pissing me off. For as much as we pay, you would think they could make things work right. I swear... I hate Time Warner, Direct TV was so much better.

Jackson broke his glasses last night. Well the screw is out. ...we do have the itsy bitsy screw but can't get it lined up right to go in. Scott and I both tried for hours last night and neither of us could do it.

I still can't find the garage door opener. Its so much trouble backing the car out.. coming back in the garage to shut it, then out the front door. And its the same when I come home.Maybe when I start to pack this place up, I will find it. Who knows.

I miss Downton Abbey. I can't wait for it to start back up. Does anyone know when that is going to be?

I am a total mess today but with the way I feel, I am not going to worry too bad about it. I might jump in the shower before husby gets home but my hair will be in a ponytail and I am staying in my comfy sweats.

Have a great Friday!

K Jaggers
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  1. I hear you on the meal planning thing--it's so hard to settle on something ahead of time, but it makes dinner much less stressful. Go you!

    Thanks for linking up this week!

    1. Yes, I have to plan most of the time otherwise I will just give up and go out! Hope you have a great Sunday!


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